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Thread: Snow sucks.

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    Unseasonably warm with hardly any snow here as well. I've got my aerosol cans on permanent hold to spray into the atmosphere and send the ozone layer retreating ... I *will* grow an orange tree in Windsor, Ontario! LOL
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    I second your statement!! SNOW/WINTER Sucks Even though here in NW Montana we have only had 2 real snow storms 10inch and 20inch its still hanging around refusing to melt! My wife was just diagnosed with extremely low Vitamin D from lack of sunshine!

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    A bit of snow tonight in NY. But, I kinda love the snow these days.

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    We're not really getting dumped on here-it's more of wet, sloppy pain in butt snow.
    Thats the snow I hate. Grrrrr!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herco16 View Post
    You are such a tease!!! I love it. Send directions please. :-)
    It's warm here:

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    I hate the snow and even if we have less snow than normal and only for tree weeks, I am still stuck in the house and it makes me crazy. Ok, I can drive from my basement to another basement in a supermarket/mall but that is not the same. I want to go out and wheel in the street and look in the small shops and drink coffee.
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    Quote Originally Posted by debbier View Post
    A bit of snow tonight in NY. But, I kinda love the snow these days.
    As an AB I loved the seasons, and the snow, but now the snow is just too confining. No one cleans their walks/ curbcuts so just pushing through town after a snowfall is out of the question. AND, I hate being cold all the time now! That's probably the worst thing about Winter actually. As a high para I feel like I'm freezing ALL the time. (damn I sound like a sissy lol)

    Quote Originally Posted by Le Type Fran├žais View Post
    It's warm here:
    You mean it's HOT there! ;-)

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    thankfully we havent had much snow. i prefer the cold with no snow and some sun! but yea, snow is a pain especially cuz ABs don't shovel very well to clear walkways
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herco16 View Post
    You mean it's HOT there! ;-)
    If you mean that Todd is hot, I agree - love the pensive look, and I mostly prefer women.

    As far as snow and cold go, I think the constantly being cold is worse than the snow, but then I haven't had to deal with it much here in Western Massachusetts this year (yet).
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    It's nice to be caliente to some. (wink)

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