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Thread: 9th year in a wheelchair anniversary woo hoo

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    9th year in a wheelchair anniversary woo hoo

    made it 9 years and about half an hour since my injury and just felt like celebrating. cranberry and vodka for urinary tract health purposes of course. had to laugh when i recently heard a doctor say "ahhhh in another 8-10 years they will be fixing spinal cords every day" it is funny the look on peoples faces when i say "yeah they told me that 8-10 years ago ,the exact same thing" Cheers to all here, i have learned so much from this forum. here is to another 8-10 years!!!!

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    With your humor and attitude you'll survive. Best of luck!
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    What doctors say ...

    Quote Originally Posted by smirking1 View Post
    ... snip ... a doctor say "ahhhh in another 8-10 years they will be fixing spinal cords every day"
    How interesting!

    They must teach that in medical school.

    That's the exact same thing my rehab doctor hold me in 1987!

    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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    Back in '73 they said there was no cure, don't expect one in your lifetime so get on with life and enjoy what you have left. So far they are right and I did go and enjoy my life so far. In fact going to play with a ukulele group at a senior center shortly; fun to do.

    Congrats on your 9 yr anniversary. You've got a good attitude, that matters a lot. Stay active and maximize your potential with what you have left.

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    You certainly can't put life on the back burner while waiting for a cure.

    Even if they could "cure" the spinal cord and it could carry signals again, we don't really know if our muscles would bounce back after so many years of atrophy.
    TM 2004 T12 incomplete

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    Anniversaries always suck. I've had 40 of them.

    We need to focus on more realistic cures, like a cure for UTI's, pressure sores, nerve pain,
    syringomyelia, etc.

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    I must gonna live forever, damn. Cheers to you and Happy Anniversary.

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    Agreed with Zen12Many and Uncle Peter.

    Congrats on surviving and thriving 9yrs!!! Definitely something to be congratulated on when you consider that some walking people say, "Jeez I couldn't live like that."
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    smirk - I was born in Syracuse, don't know where you are in 'upstate' but congrats with #9. I am about to celebrate #10 in 2 weeks and it is playing with my head a lot. I like the cranberry/vodka idea. Got a buddy who is celebrating his #30 this summer. He is a trooper.

    Good job.

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    it's a weird sad/happy combo... but, get it girl! and have one for us!
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