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Thread: I am losing my mind from this constant pain!!

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    Yep, definitely.

    I've seen such a range of Drs... Its so hard to find good ones. Ones that care about you enough to stay or get informed about the specifics of your disorder etc. And that counts for both specialists and primary Drs, because most specialists still see a range of disorders. Are there many SCI specialists out there? From reading the forum it seems like many people aren't near one.

    I had to change my primary care Dr because she was afraid to treat me. At least thats how it seemed. I switched to her due to a move, and the first thing she did was refer me to multiple specialists... Ok, a couple of them yea I needed to be set up with to see because it had been a year since I'd seen them last. But some were not necessary. And then she was afraid to prescribe my pain meds. She would only prescribe 2 weeks of my ultram, a med I've been on for 10 years. First she referred me to a pain specialist that only did cortisone shots and not medication management. Then she referred me to one who was changing offices, and I had to wait 6 months to see him. Now I'm glad I waited because he's the wonderful guy I see now, but during that wait I had to call or show up begging for each refill. Each time she'd tell me it was the last refill she was going to give me, even though the problem was waiting to see the Dr SHE was sending me to! I had already been in nearly unbearable pain, and I stretched my 2 week ultram doses into 3 weeks because I was so scared of ending up with nothing. I blame how shitty I'm doing now functionality wise on her, I ended up completely bedridden. I had to wait until I saw the specialists before I could switch Drs, because I'm on medicaid and so I couldn't see them without the correct primary Dr having done the referrals. Once I was set up with the Drs I needed, I switched primary Drs.
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    I've seen plenty. None have helped. Tried all the meds, and other (legal) stuff, but none provided any relief. Meanwhile, pains keep getting worse, spreading upward, and my arms keep getting weaker and harder to move. My back needs WD40, and a straightened spine.

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