Well, we had to try it. Here are our results of June's Andrew K Fletcher's 'Just try it, it's FREE!' therapy.

Week one:
After considerable wrestling with our king size bed with me in my wheelchair and my 5'1" 110 lb. girlfriend, we ended up in the hospital emergency room, she had a broken toenail due to the bed dropping on her foot, and I needed a checkup due to some horrible bruising on the top of my foot when it got caught under the bed frame/wheelchair foot rest when it dropped (something about beds needing to be on solid level surfaces was not heeded by us, we should have purchased the 'Naturesway Sleep System' from Andrew K. Fletcher so we would have a bed that is suitable for this free no cost therapy). Anyway, after getting back from the hospital and all the doctors chuckling about what got us there, we proceeded to use the bed with it tilted akin to something you would see on the 1960's Batman shows. We noticed no improvements in my paralysis during this week.

Week two:
We started this week out with another trip to the hospital to check if I had fractured my hip or not during a fall while transfering onto the now crooked bed. My gf noted in our log to document the amazing results of trying this no cost, free therapy that she was having difficulty sleeping with the bed tilted as such. Other than these two incidents, nothing new to report. My paralysis is the same.

Week three:
I noticed that some skin breakdown is starting to occur on my hips from the shearing caused from the bed being tilted. After a trip to the Dr.'s office to see what we could do about this, he recommended that we stop the no cost, free therapy, but as he was obviously one of those Doubting Thomas' of the intrenched medical profession, we chose to ignore his warnings as we were promised amazing results from this no cost free therapy. My paralysis has not changed at this point either.

Week four:
At the end of this week, much of the same reports in our log book of amazing results, mostly about various aches and pains from the non-level sleeping surfaces, and notes about the growth of the red spots where my skin is getting sheared from the angled bed. One item to note was of my left leg swelling from being below the rest of my body for several weeks. I attribute this as a fluke however, it doesnt know that I am expecting amazing results from this therapy, therefore the DVT that is going on with it should be ignored. My paralysis is still unchanged.

To summarize this month as I write this account from the ICU at the hospital (I fell again when transferring onto the crooked bed again, this time I await surgury to repair my fractured C5 vertibre), nothing really amazing has transpired in relation to my paralysis. An amazing result might have occured due to the use of this bed however if I had fell harder this last time, but there was no damage to my spinal cord this time. The gf is threating to leave me as she is getting really cranky due to her lack of sleep from the angle the bed is at, but I attribute this to her lack of belief that we should be getting amazing results from this no cost free therapy. I expect that maybe next month I will be walking again from the use of Andrew K Fletcher's It's Free! therapy.

End of report.