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Thread: 70mph mobility scooter

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    70mph mobility scooter

    This is nuts but looks fun!!

    A mobility scooter is like an electric-powered wheelchair but configured as a motor scooter. It is intended for use by people who have disabilities affecting their mobility. However, a mobility scooter in the hands of 32-year-old plumber and Sky TV's tech show GADGET GEEKS host Colin Furze is another story.
    Clearly packing something more than a mild low-speed electric motor, Furze's (hyper)mobility scooter is capable of hitting speeds up to 70 mph (114 km/h) and currently holds the Guinness World Record for fastest mobility scooter.
    In this latest video Furze says he wasn't able to hit 70 mph in the snow but he did reach 51 mph (81 km/h). Regardless, it looks like a lot of fun.
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    That's awesome! xD
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    No way! I can't keep up with hubby now when he is in 2nd gear let alone that thing. It does look fun though. Could you imagine the holes he would leave in the wall when he hit them with that...

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    Want! Want now!!

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    I gotta have one of these!!!!

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    Big smile.

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    Personally I want a powerchair equiped with Pratt & Witney "twin pack" turbine engines(Engines from a Bell 212 Helicopter)

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    No helmet, no protection whatsoever at 70mph? Dumb fun. I can see this in Walmart. lol I will stick to my 6.5 mph Permobil. Burgerman's upgraded electric wheelchairs are a better solution for you speed demons.
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    I'll be dog gone.. it's a new Nascar class

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    Great music too! March to the Grave - got to look them up.
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