So...the saga continues.

Last CT scan ordered by my PCP in Sept showed a couple small kidney stones. "Don't worry, they'll pass. If you have any blood, go see your urologist", he says. I didn't feel the stones pass, but I did wake up two weeks ago with blood spots all over my underwear.

So...I go see the urologist. He looks at the CT scan, says, "hmmm, may be your prostate...we've got some meds for that". I mention "C. Pneumonia" (sp?). Symptoms are similiar to MS, and sometimes causes bleeding. He says, unlikely, but lets do a culture just to be sure, and we'll hold off on the meds until we get the results. I say, great, and I notice we now have some internists here in this little burg, how about a referral. Sure, he says.

So...I go see the internist. We go over my history and I describe the "psuedo-exaccerbations" I have. He says, "ever had an EEG?'. No, don't think so. So he mentions "Todd's paresis" and sends me to the big city for an EEG.

I see him again next Thursday. tune in next week.

So, I've got two doctors who are willing to investigate something other than MS. Either conditions may be treatable. Hmmm.