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Thread: WTB: FreeWheel

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    WTB: FreeWheel

    Hi, anyone who possibly bought a "FreeWheel" but doesn't use it, please PM me before I go and buy a new one.

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    Sorry, not parting with mine.
    T7-8 since Feb 2005

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    Still looking thanks

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    I have one, but I live in Portland, OR. If you want to deal with shipping costs too... can be reached at too
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    emailed you

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    Sorry I am lagging. I have to dig thru my storage unit and make sure to get all the pieces (diff sizes of shims and things) that it came with. I still have it and am willing to sell it to you. I am not sure how the whole shipping thing would work out. I have never bought anything of the computer before. I have always done face to face business. If you have a safe way to do it plz let me know.
    Thanks again for being patient.
    also feel free to call me and bug me to get it out and make sure it's all there.

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