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Thread: Power assisted wheels; No $8,000 here

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    Power assisted wheels; No $8,000 here

    Watch last scene in video.
    Speaks for itself, can't be $8,000+

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    Wow, that is very cool. Heres a even better video of it. they plan on making a whole wheelchair with it by this coming summer, should be interesting. That thing looks fast and manuverable. I'm especially interest in it for playing tennis out of, that would really improve my game being able to get to the ball quicker. I had just started working on a more practical motor drive myself for ultra light weight wheelchairs, looks like I can stop my work and just get one of these eventually, why reinvent the wheel.
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    that was pretty nice
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    It is a great idea alright. The problem is that it has been coming out for at least 3 or 4 years now. We will have a spinal cord injury cure before it hits the market.
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    Yeah I've seen this, a while ago in fact. Lice SCI55 says, it's been coming for a long time. I don't know when they'll ever get to market. I used to keep in touch with them asking about when. Still don't know. If you do find out they are for sale, please let me know where and how much.

    For now, I'm counting on the ZX1, it looks like the best solution I've seen. $5,000, unless as the rumored takeover by Spinergy means the price will drop.

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    Prices never drop on equipment for the disabled. If anything, it will probably go up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by forestranger52 View Post
    Prices never drop on equipment for the disabled. If anything, it will probably go up.
    Strictly speaking you may be right. Things can change though, Marvel vs. Icon. Huge price drop, different design. Tilite introducing aluminum chairs and a big price drop from the titanium models. It's not apples for apples but maybe Spinergy, if they are aquiring the company, will come out with a lower priced unit.

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    Anybody know if they will be at the so cal abilities expo this spring?

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    Has anyone purchased one of these?

    The mini bike for $700 plus a DIY kit for $385 seems to be available but "Add to Cart" is not working.

    Someone is using the system for their prototype wheelchair.

    for the Simun wheelchair with DPX system: "our official release date which will Be around November of 2012"

    Sent them an email - no response yet - think I'm too early.


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    Get the 36 volt battery size, when they make their unit available.
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