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Thread: wrist strap / handles for exercise?

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    wrist strap / handles for exercise?

    I'm looking to start exercising using bands, my right hand can hold handles but not my left hand. Invisioning some sort of wrist strap, any suggestions for a good one for using exercise bands? My wrists are pretty thin so I hope to fiind something that won't slip off.

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    I have no hand function and use theraband exercise tubing instead of the bands.

    To use the tubing I put a theraband accessory called an Assist Attachment Devise on the end. It is two webbing loops, one small and one larger, which I put around my wrist and pull. It wraps around the base of my hand and is secure. I do hundreds of repetitions and it seldom falls off.

    I take a six foot length of tube, bend in half and put bend through small loop in the attachment devise. I then take the two ends and run them through the bend and tie the ends to the railings on my hospital bed.

    Search -theraband assist attachment device. Amazon has them for $2.06
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