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Thread: Your Superbowl pick - poll

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    Your Superbowl pick - poll

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    Brady will get his revenge. He belongs with Montana and Bradshaw in having 4 SB wins.
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    Giants will be hungrier. Sticking with them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdf View Post
    Brady will get his revenge. He belongs with Montana and Bradshaw in having 4 SB wins.
    Ya, I agree, Brady is the best quarterback ever in the history of NFL. As long as the Patriots defense is on and holds back the Giants, the game is New Englands.
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    Payback time, sorry Giants!

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    NFC fan Vikings will be here next year.
    T6 complete

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    I'm a Massachusetts guy. Love watching the Pats. They are lucky to be in the Super Bowl after AFC Champion game when the kicker for Baltimore shanked a measly 32yd field goal attempt.
    The Giants' secondary is about as porous as the Pats', but I also think the Giants defensive line will put more pressure on Brady than the Pats will put on Manning. The Pats TE, Rob Gronkowski is 22yrs. old, 6'6", 265lbs., they can't cover him one on one, it takes two guys to bring him down, he gets tons of yardage after a catch, his hands are enormous and catches everything Brady drills at him....but his high ankle sprain throws all that out the window...I think. He might still be able to make cuts to the left and could be able to go straight and deep without putting too much strain on his ankle. If you haven't seen him play this year you'll see how dominant he can be (when he's healthy). Gronkowski owns a number of NFL tight end scoring and receiving records, including the single-season records for tight ends for most receiving touchdowns (17), most total touchdowns (18), and most receiving yards (1,327), all set in 2011.If he isn't 100% the other TE Aaron Hernandez is almost a clone, 22yrs. old, 6'2", 245lbs., lots of yards after a catch, very fast. Then there is Wes Welker...led the NFL in receptions this year. Dione Branch..past his prime but Brady's favorite target a few years ago. Chad Ochostinko...well...he might even get some playing time if he finally learned the plays. Poor guy is so stupid he never learned the offense here so he doesn't get much time off the pine.
    I'd really like the Pats to win after the G-Men beat them in Super Bowl 42 and ruined the Pats perfect season. Either way I hope it is a good, close game. Even the halftime show with Madonna might be worth watching for once.
    That said, I think the Giants will win 24-20. Manning always seems to pull a rabbit out of his helmet, the Giants running game is better than the Pats with 6'4" 265lbs. Brandon Jacobs coming at you and their receivers are great, Cruz, Manningham, Ballard and Nicks.

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    ....someone knows his stats.

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    Im with you SCI55, G-MEN BABY!

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