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Thread: Scarlet Road A Sex Workers Journey

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    Scarlet Road A Sex Workers Journey

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoDecafPlz View Post
    This film is screening at the DOXA Film Festival in Vancouver on Saturday. A couple of members of the 'Love Team' a.k.a. EASE (Equitable and Accessible Sexual Expression) will lead a discussion afterwards.

    Words from my buddy Dave's biography. But I think they probably resonate with many of us aging with disability:
    Although his sex and relationship life have been varied, full and satisfying, since the age of 47, he has been much less active in this area and has become more aware of the barriers, attitudes and lack of resources that people with disabilities face in their sexual worlds; in some cases for their entire lives. He has been active in trying to create alternatives for people with disabilities, including his participation with the EASE (equitable and accessible sexual expression) team.

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