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Thread: Healthy urine: always clear like water or sometimes cloudy ?..

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    Healthy urine: always clear like water or sometimes cloudy ?..

    Hi All,
    I'm 33y post, never cath, just pushing hard with the abs to get the urine out, very few uties episodes, but those last years I had some..
    I'm wondering if the urine does always to be clear like water, or does it can sometimes be cloudy ?..
    I guess I urinate around 6 or 7 times a day, most of the time it's clear like water that I can read the newspaper trough it, but sometimes I have some cloudy episodes. Let's say, one time per day.. One time on 6 mictions..
    Is it normal ?.. Does that depend on what I have eaten or drink ?..

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    First, when was the last time you had a urodynamics work up, cycstoscopy, and renal ultra sound. When you empty your bladder as you do, the urodynamics studies are very important to make sure you don't have high bladder pressures that could cause urine to reflux into the kidneys. This test should be done about every 2 years, as should the other tests I mentioned.

    I don't think the urine needs to be crystal clear all of the time. Cloudy urine (especially if it clears up during the day) may have something to do with the time of day, medications, water soluble vitamins, how much you have been drinking, and or what you have eaten. Cloudy urine may indicate you are slightly dehydrated and once you drink adequate quantities of water turn clear again. Do you have an idea of about how much you void with each urination?

    All the best,
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