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Thread: third fricking night in a row

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    third fricking night in a row

    this pain knows no bounds, invades every aspect of my life, steals my joy and NOW it has stolen my only temp release. i can't sleep for 3rd night in a row, didn't sleep in day, i am going crazy. at least before i got an hour here and there.

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    I'm sorry to hear it. My worst nightmare is not gettin relief from my pain. When I lay down on my side it really drops off so I can sleep, at least for now.

    I hope things improve for you.

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    Cass, where is your pain what are you taking for it?

    I have ALOT of pain in my left hip from arthritis and don't get hardly any sleep either. unfortunately nothing they've given me for relief so far has worked so I feel for you! A lot of times it's so bad I wish I could draw my last breath. .
    I hope and pray you're able to find a source of relief from your pain rule soon
    Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. .(John Wayne)

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    I have slept like a baby since Oxy entered my life. You can only take so much!
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    Sorry you're having a tough time with pain....I know how you feel. Pain sucks, especially chronic, basically untreated, untreatable, neurogenic pain. It feels overwhelming a makes it hard to also sucks that pain is "invisible"...most people can't relate or understand.

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    I am sorry to hear that Cass. Is there nothing you can take that will help? Even getting drooling on opiates might at least get you some rest.

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    What is Oxy like to take? Does it help with tingling, burning, neurogenic pain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KyleP2112 View Post
    What is Oxy like to take? Does it help with tingling, burning, neurogenic pain?
    Hi Kyle,

    I tried the standard stuff for the burning I get in my feet and butt. (Gabaprentin, Lyrica) didn't work. Methadone does the trick for me. Oxycodone is more for breakthrough pain. If you have neuropathic pain that is not managed well I would talk to your doctoc about methadone. It has a price, it is addictive and it will make you constipated. I couldn't function without it so I pay that price.

    - t8

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    Oxy kept me awake more than pains did. And didn't help pains.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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