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Thread: Hey all...

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    We have your back Sammy. Winters are rough. Spring'll be here in no time.
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    Hey Sammy-check in and let us know how you are.

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    To slightly alter the lyrics of this Carole King song,
    You've got some friends...ain't it good to know you've got some friends!

    All the best,

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    support from the West Coast. Hang tough, spring is in the air

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    More support from out West, be strong…

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    Sam we all have good days and bad days. The good thing is that neither last long. Here's praying your good days will be coming soon and out last the bad ones.

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    thx for the support but we need more awareness. im really at my lowest point n God has been come thrugh 4 me and im greatful.
    I get on a stand daily but I workout like 3 days a week and only 3 to 5 sets, push ups, dumbells and i must admit I live in the worst city in this country Camden, NJ. I have no PMR or any support group to go and meet people I can relate. I was told from the Head PMR in Kessler that SCI dont have pain! Security had to exscort me out lol but seriously, he told me to detox of methodone. I believe it was personal cause I wrote my last PMR due to dismissing me out of his care over a lab report that i know it was a error. It said methodone was not 0mg in my system. He was new and I was upset that he didnt support me. He was amaze to my knowledge and how I cope! He took another urine the same month and it was good. Yet he sat me down with praises but the sad thing is he had to let me go under this contract they make u sign. I stay in my apt alone just about everyday. drugs on every cornor, addicts ODing dead is what im surrounded constantly. Helicopters every day recording. Im sick of this place but sorry for changing topic. I lately take a toke of weed and Im amaze to how it bring life to me. I gave up on my legs etc but i can sense a feeling that make me be more motivated. Working out on weed pushes me to the max. I have be my own terapist and hoping for a blessing so I can live amongst good people, O'well! God bless us all!
    arrymy burdens..
    life begins when you walk in spirit

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    I lost my joy over the health care system drama I been going through. I have to get away from this state for a week and some. The pressure to find my balance has tore me up but I will find a way to be fine. A woman could be the one in which I been longing for, love em'. Indeed time is passing by but I read again the response in this thread made me smile and I thank you all. God bless you all.
    life begins when you walk in spirit

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