3 months ago, I had sacroilliac/pelvis fusion. 3 screws plus donor bone were used. When i came round from anesthesia I was in agony down my right leg and top half my left. I had surgery 2 days later to reposition 2 of the screws which looked 'questionable'. No relief, back to surgery, to remove them entirely, leaving me with 1 screw. I left the hospital with numbness and paraylsis (although I don't know if this is due to muscular weakness). I can't lift my right heel off the floor. I have sensation on half of my vagina and anus (sounds weird I know) I don't know if I have gas or a bm. I can't 'sqeeze' very well, this makes me nervous in public I don't have the ability to have a normal bm, I have to do it manually I can't feel when my bladder is full, and when i do empty it, I get an electrical shock through my foot, which lasts until i have finished When i left the hospital, both my legs were flaccid, my left has since regained some tone.

I had to be non weight bearing for 3 months, still have 3 wks to go, so i don't know how well I can walk. My right leg muscles are unresponsive to electrical stimulation. I had a recent emg test which showed I had axonotmesis at the S1 L5 level. The dr who did it told me 'I have big problems.' All the problems I had when i left the hospital, i still have. No one wants to answer my questions, and although I have been very proactive, I'm not sure how things are going to turn out for me .