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Thread: Leaking leg and bloated stomach

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    Leaking leg and bloated stomach

    Hi All,
    Just wanted to ask a bit of advice.
    For several weeks now my right leg has been leaking fluid, i suppose kind of like sweating heavily, It only seems to happen at night when i'm lying in bed on my back, first thing that happens is my right leg will start spasming and my knee will come up then it will slide down flat and do it again over and over till it drives me mad, when i sit up and feel my leg it is all wet and swollen with fluid.
    I had some Botox put into my bladder just before xmas and this started not long after but i dont know if this is due to the Botox as i have had Botox several times over the years(31 years post C7)
    I went for a follow up with my Urologist last week and told him but he has no answers for me.
    He gave me a blood form and and 24 hours creatinine and protein test and a urinary and abdominal ultrasound which showed everthing was good, no masses, kidneys fine, no gall stones, liver has a little fat on it but cant see my intestines with an ultrasound.
    My stomach has been really bloated for months now even when i wake in the morning it is bloated and when i have a cup of tea for breakfast i feel so full it rediculous, i have a quad belly which is normal for someone with my level but nowhere as big as some Quads who have been in a chair for less time than me.
    I think my bowels are emptying ok but i dont know if the bloating is due to trapped wind or faeces partly blocking things up.

    As for my leg i was wondering if the spasming and leaking is due to my bodies reaction to pain that i cant feel, although strangely it doesnt happen when in my chair.

    Hope you all can give me some thoughts on my 2 problems.


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    What colour is the fluid leaking from your leg? Is it like a sticky, blistery kind of water? Is the leg warm to the touch and/or red? Is it coming through a wound or just the pores??

    Do your legs/feet swell up during the day when you're up in your chair?
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    Is your leg swollen all the time? I think the fluid build up and possbile infection is causing the increased spasms/pain not th eother way around. You keep it elevated it and then put compression hose on it. Is it red? could be cellulitis. The oeaking is just the fluid escaping because of too much pressure.
    You need to go to a doctor and have it looked at- not a urologist butyour sci or family doctor.

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    Thanks for all your replies i hope i answer all your queries,
    My leg is warm to the touch but not red, no sores, it is leaking through the pores, no smell to it just clear fluid, my leg has been swelling more since all this began prior to this my legs/feet were fluidless.
    The ultrasound doesnt show any problems in my stomach but it also doesnt show the intestines i would need as you say a cat scan or MRI.
    My leg has been swollen as i said since this began several weeks ago, its not cellulitis as there is no red patches my wife had cellulitis several times so i know what to look for.
    I havent been elevating it in bed but i will start tonight.
    I thought that the leaking might be due to pressure build up.
    I will go to my Dr and if he cant help i will get him to refer me to our Spinal unit Dr.
    How would i tell if there was an infection somewhere ? there are no marks or spots on my bottom or legs or hips.

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    The second thing I would think about is constipation ... it can make legs swell. Hopefully your doc can sort these issues!
    Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

    T-11 Flaccid Paraplegic due to TM July 1985 @ age 12

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    This really has nothing to do with this thread, but did you know too much licorice can make your legs swell like crazy? My son gave me some incredible black licorice made in Australia and the day after I ate it my legs were terribly swollen. I guess pcamore being from New Zealand reminded me of this.

    I was told that people on blood pressure medicine should be careful about eating black licorice. It made me wonder if you could get AD if you consumed a lot.

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    Lynnifer i had wondered about constipation but my bowels seem to be going ok. i wonder if there could be a partial blockage and stuff is going around it, it could also explain my bloated stomach.

    47+years i dont eat licorice and i'm not on blood pressure meds, but thanks for the warning.

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