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Thread: Permobil Corpus 500

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    Permobil Corpus 500

    How many people have got the corpus 500? I'm almost ready to purchase one, just want to get a few opinions on the chair itself.

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    I have been using a C500 with the 6.5 mph speed package for 18 months and have been very satisfied. Absolutely no problems with any of the features. Very comfortable. I previously had a Chairman C2K which also served me very well.

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    I have the C500 with the speed package. Works well and i like the standup feature on it.

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    I have the c500 w/esp . great overall chair,stand,elevate, fast ,recline, omni control,lights, ground effect lights,bluetooth for pc and cell was close to 48k canadian from motion specialties but fully loaded. only tall for restaurant tables I have to use a tray, to tall for most rear entry cabs, not great on icy places..(heavy), foot tray doesn't remove. had to remove front anti-tippers. would advise ppl against perma-loc C for vehicles to...really awkward and bulky

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    Hi Ironside, I’ve one 5yrs and just had it serviced last month with new tires and battery, no problems at all. I am now thinking about the newer model and put me some 22’s on that baby, lol

    It can be embarrassing when you stand sometimes if you know what I mean.

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    I have a C500, works great as others have said. One issue I have is that the rep said it would be OK to use it to lay down, BUT there is a spot on the chair back that is exposed and completely lacking padding when it is laying down, and my coccyx sits right on it! Not good... Just be aware you may need to do a lot of cushion customizing to get everything safe if you use it to lay down.

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    I have used the C500 for about 18 months and give it mixed reviews at best. I do enjoy the features it has with tilt, recline, elevated seat, etc but my main complaint is it's inabilities outdoors. It loses traction going uphill. The weight shifts to the rear of the chair and this allows the front drive wheels to spin easily. I often times have to turn around and back uphill which is difficult and dangerous at best in the woods, especially when it's dark. Likewise on a side slope, mine has a tough time of keeping a straight line and the uphill driveway tends to spin easily.

    So, if you're a hard-surface, street rolling user, you'll be ok. But if you're going to give it a lot of rough outdoor terrain usage, you will be better served with a rear wheel drive.
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    I love mine, but I had problem after problem in the beginning. After getting the bugs out, I absolutely love it. As Deadeye mentioned, the off-road capabilities are not the best. I am off-road a fair amount, but I don't usually trek where Deadeye goes either. For me, I would never go back to a rwd or mwd. The front wheel drive has more advantages than disadvantages for me.

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    Yea DeadEye, driving up anything thats wet can be a challenge. I use the air suspension of my Omegatrac, droping the front and raising the rear to put more pressure on the front drive wheels. That helps to level the chair base to the hill. Steep hills I drive up backwards and using the tilt, adjust my seat level. Puts weight on the drive wheels and truely balances the entire power chair. The chair maintains good traction but takes practice.

    Most everything depends on the weight of the chair base and the weight of the seat plus the driver. The heavier the chair base and the lighter the driver, the steeper the hill. Center of gravity. Tackling any hill with a chair base that weighs 250 lbs and a driver in a rehab seat at anywhere near 200 lbs is asking for trouble. Sometimes I even scare myself net alone the onlookers.

    Sometimes the weight of the Omegatrac is a problem, but outdoors, with a base weight including batteries of about 375 lbs, I can handle some dificult terrain.
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    Have you considered the M300? With its 8 inch casters and mid-wheel drive, I find it to be great outdoors. It keeps the traction in the middle.
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