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Thread: Nerve fibers grow together

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    Nerve fibers grow together

    Nerve fibers grow together -
    published at 18.06.2003,
    researcher developed a procedure, which lets separate nerve ends grow together. Hope for patients, who suffer because severed nerves a paralyses, sensory losses and pain, is in view: The medical profession from Reutlingen and Tübingen succeeded in energizing separate nerve fibers for growing together. The Tuebinger Professor Burkhard Schlosshauer presentet the procedure on Tuesday in Bonn in a seminar with promotion projects of the federal Ministry of Research. With the procedure tiny tubes bridge the gap between the ends of an interrupted nerve course and animate them to growth. The researchers contradict thereby the conventional acceptance of the neuro sciences that did not split nerve courses any longer together grow can. The new nerve guidance channels are tested at present still with animal studies. (InterNet: Research seminar:

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    CBM BF seminar over regenerativ medicine
    Nerve fibers grow together - new one skin for deep wounds

    With promotion by the Federal Ministry for education and research (BMBF) new methods for the natural replacement and the regeneration were developed ill organs. It succeeded to energize among other things a group of researchers around the Tuebinger professor Burkhard Schlosshauer separate nerve courses to new growth. Scientist inside and scientists of the university skin hospital in peppering castle developed together with the company Biotissue Technologies AG, Freiburg a new procedure for breeding of skin transplants. Over 130 researchers new procedures for the "biological replacement of organ functions" and "tissue engineering" presented with a two-day seminar of the BMBF in Bonn.

    The group project "micro-structured bioabsorbable guidance channels with glial cells for the nerve regeneration" bridged with small tubes the gap between the ends of an interrupted nerve course, coordinated in Tübingen, and successfully energizes these to growth. Through it the researchers want to disprove the acceptance of the neuro sciences that did not split nerve courses any longer together grow can. Could so possibly be helped to patients, who suffer because of durchtrennter nerves at paralyses, sensory losses and pain. At present the nerve guidance channels in animal models are tested.

    On the other hand is located in peppering castle developed new procedures for breeding a three-dimensional, human skin transplant for the treatment of deeply handing large wounds briefly before the employment with the patient. The skin transplant consists of body-own superficial (Keratinozyten) and deep skin cells (fibroblasts). Different skin cell types are taken from the patient and increased in the laboratory. Subsequently, they continue to grow together in a three-dimensional biological matrix. After two to three weeks the cells form a vollschichtige spare skin with so far unequalled strike-typical characteristics. The new procedure accelerates the healing, improves it lastingly and is ambulatory feasible.

    In the emphasis "biological replacement of organ functions" promotes the BMBF 32 projects with approximately ten million euro for the replacement and the regeneration ill organs with master and forerunner cells. Within the range " tissue engineering " 49 projects were granted particularly for small and middle enterprises with a volume by 35 million euro, from which the BMBF carries 21 million.

    You find the program of the seminar on the present state [ here ].

    Further information:
    Dr. Andreas Kuenne,
    German center for air and space travel (DLR)
    Agency responsible for the project in the DLR health research
    Tel: 02 28/38 21-2 04
    E Mail:

    Dr. Marion Wehner
    Research center Juelich
    Agency responsible for the project Juelich, department of BIO
    Tel.: 0 24 61/61-48 09/- 87 86
    E-Mail: m.wehner@fz

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    I don't know if there has been a mistranslation of "growing together" but the article misrepresents the problem of regeneration. Wise.

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