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Thread: Home Elevator

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    Not sure if this will help much as we live in ireland but we have a through floor wessex lift. THe good thing about it is it is push button but don't need to keep finger on it to keep it going ( my daughter is only 8) and the doors electronically open and close.Also it was a renovation of our house -all that was needed was to cut through the bison slabs (we have concrete floors between ground and upper level ( a dormer bungalow). No shaft or anything and you can actually incorporate it into the floor space-as in when it is down you can walk/wheel on top of it upstairs. People often have them coming up into the bedroom. Ours is in the hall (was a storage closet).
    Big downfall to a child is the speed in which it goes up/down. Takes three times the length of time to go up as it would to be carried up-hence still carrying at times but at least chair can go up lift.
    It is also extremely safe-stops when anythings hits against it or anything or anyone is below when it is lowering.
    Just glad she has full run of house, however if new build would go bungalow. - My parents have bungalow and she loves it-easier to be heard when calling for help and no hassle/delay going from room to room. Just a child's perspective! Enjoy the challenge!
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    We put a national wheel-o-vator Destiny series into our house that we built 4 years ago. No pit, just 6" on the bottom floor. it's 3 stops and cost $23,000ish. It's a winding drum with a battery backup to get you to the "home" floor if the power goes out. Basic physics, accordion door and small motor footprint. Also it's quiet. As for the cost of the ranch versus multi level, where we live land and concrete are ridiculous. Much nicer home and a significant savings for our situation. Aside from calamities with the company doing the instillation it's been solid. We live hours from a service rep so i chose this model for the basic design. Good luck.
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    When I built my current home post-injury I installed an elevator for 2 levels. I am not certain what the additional cost might have been for the space needed, but I can tell you he way they made it not take away from my exterior design-- they built my garage to be a 4 car garage and positioned the elevator shaft in the 4th garage bay. Then just outside that bay is where they installed our whole house generator (it operates everything elevator and even the entire house Air Conditioning) The generator runs on propane. There is huge tank underground in my yard. The elevator itself cost about 19K
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snuffycuts99 View Post
    I was told that ranches cost more to build by one general contractor and also by one realtor. They didn't go into the details of why this was the case. Both only said that it costs more to build out than to build up.
    Yes, the more roof you have, the more expensive the home. More foundation, more roofing material, longer/more complicated runs for plumbing and hvac, etc.

    Inclinator, ~$20k. Expensive but worth every penny. And get the battery backup option. Have had it for 10 years now with little maintenance. I think I only had to change one pulley so far, knock on wood. Make sure if you have a pit, put a sump pump in it, trust me. Find a set of prints with a second set of stairs. Usually, it'll be by the kitchen area. You can replace the stairs with an elevator shaft.
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    Oops, have to figure out how to use this forum.

    Wanted to address the fellow in Anaheim who installed a lift as opposed to an elevator because we are considering the same thing. Trying to sort through pros and cons.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelventure View Post
    Oops, have to figure out how to use this forum.

    Wanted to address the fellow in Anaheim who installed a lift as opposed to an elevator because we are considering the same thing. Trying to sort through pros and cons.

    I am in the process of building one now in our new home. We went with a lift from RAM from Canada. They were the cheapest and funny enough they build amerilift. For us the lift was $7K for a 120 inch lift.
    We have a ranch and have the lift going through the floor to the basement. When done it will look like a closet. I have a picture of the lift not finished but it was my first ride. If you have any questions I might be able to help. We went through a lot of silly issues from our builder and the elevator company that the builder contracted to set it up.

    first pic is the carriage

    second pic is the opening which will have a normal door and a call button on the wall if the lift is in the basement.

    First ride we had to jump the safeties since the interlock wasn't installed yet

    another picture with finished door

    The downside to these lifts... They are slow. It will take me a minute to get to the basement and they make a little noise but its not bad.
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    i have one like that. We installed it when we added an upstairs and downstairs room to our A Frame so I could still live in it after my injury. It is slow and I think it would bother me if I had to go up and down it often. When my grandson is sleeping upstairs I can't use it or it would wake him up. I am glad to have it though!

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    Sound like your logical procedure is a bit off. Picking your home plan before picking a lot or home site is the wrong way to go. The home is about architecture and architecture is about you. The site will dictate the building if done properly. Ranch, two story, exposed basment all is depending on what the building will look like on the site and how the building will compliment the use of the views, rise/set of the sun; room placment to use it and how the buillding can compliment the lay of the land.

    Everyone just picks a plan and plops in on a site. They miss so much life time enjoyment of thier soundings for pennies of thier total cash out lay for a proper design.

    Get a qualified person that looks a building in this manner to modify a home plan of your choice to make use of the world around you.

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    A friend of mine is the dealer for these vacuum elevators here in Alaska but they are assembled in Florida.
    Pretty cool idea, not sure how much $$?
    Good luck,

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    Does anyone have any experience with those vacuum elevators? I'm glad to see they are offering a wheelchair accessible model finally!

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