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    My taxes this year are going to be a nightmare for sure! I started receieving SSDI in April of 2011. I was under the assumption that it wasn't taxed, until October when I learned that my husbands salary is included. His salary puts us in another tax bracket. I didn't hold any taxes out for that...oops. I also had a lot of medical expenses last year due to flap surgery, wound vacs, picc line meds, home health nurse, ect.....My question is, how much can I claim on my taxes for medical expenses. I know there is a dollar amount limit but what is included? Co pays? deductibles? perscriptions? I made donations every month so I know I can claim that to help out some too. I need all the help I can get as far as deductions. I took my whole 401k and my cash balance plan when I quit working. I already paid 20% of the taxes on it and saved the remaining part to pay at tax time but I wasn't planning for the SSDI part. YIKES. Any help or suggestions would be great.
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    Here is a "kind of " comprehensive list from the IRS.

    Claim everything you possibly can. I hope it helps some.
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    So from what I know from our taxes, 85% of your SSDI is taxable because of your husband's income. For us, my salary makes my husband's SSDI taxable. I have $50 more every paycheck taken out to try and help out with handling those taxes. We also have many medical bills for my husband (pressure sores, picc lines, wound vacs that did not work, home nurses, perscriptions, hyperbaric name it). I do not know if there is a limit to medical stuff...I do my taxes on turbo tax and all it asks is for the total dollar amounts.
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    Only the amount of for medical expenses that are in excess of 7% (I think that's the number) of your income are deductible. I, too, use Turbo Tax, so I'm not certain of the details, but I do know you need to have a boat load of expenses before they're deductible.

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