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Thread: For those who understand spanish (Dr. Vaquero)

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    Dam patents... just crossed my mind that the intellectual property may not even be owned by the researcher himself if he's on a biotech/organization/hospital/university's payroll.... meaning that if a researcher found a cure, by law he cannot give it without permission, crazy isn't it?
    Actually I had a look, and it seems that medical procedures cannot be patented in the majority of countries, including the US Europe. See here:

    and it makes sense if you think about it, cause doctors have to have the best interest of their patients at heart. That’s good!

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    hola Kim que significa la autorizacion,para uso del publico en general,o solo para ciudadanos espa?oles?

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    Any news that when this therapy is available publicly in Spain for patients all around the world? Will this work in all injury levels?

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