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Thread: For those who understand spanish (Dr. Vaquero)

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    I enjoyed listening to this interview. At your request, lunasicc42, I will translate "the important things". I have been a court interpreter, but not a medical interpreter, please go easy on me, folks. This is a resume, not a complete translation.

    Jesus Vaquero, neurosurgeon in the
    Hospital Puerta de Hierro in Spain.

    This stem cell treatment technique won't benefit everyone. It is not a muscular recuperation. But it can improve their quality of life. Of those who will benefit, the improvement will fundamentally be in feeling rather than in motor response. Motor recovery depends on a lot of things. It depends on the muscles that the patient has. The patient may have been without movement for a long time.

    The stem cells are taken from the bone marrow of the patient. They are cultivated. They are injected into the spine of the patient at spots determined after doing resonance imaging. Tropic factors stimulate sleeping cells. Science takes time. This takes a lot of patience.
    A scary thing they don't tell us is that after paralysis long-term our muscles may actually lose the ability to contract entirely anatomically. If you cannot get a response from electrostimulation, sadly my friends that is a horrific sign. All of us should be causing our muscles to contract with electrical stimulation just as a preventative measure.

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    I have a lot of spasticity. And in my stump, I have clonus. In my case, I believe my muscles are 'available', there's just no input from my brain.
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    That's good to hear. I also have spasticity I believe it's one of its few benefits as atrocious as it is. But my right tricep does not spasm, I have less functional in that arm I worry about it muscular anatomical health and structure.

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    JamesMcM, Taanshi79 is also an ex-construction worker. C3, with function close to C4. Do you know him?
    I don't know if he's been checking in here lately, but he is still active online.
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    My spanish is not good, but as I can understand on the forum of the Vaquero trail is expanding to several new hospitals.

    "El ensayo en fase 2 del Doctor Vaquero esta teniendo exito y 4 comunidades aut?nomas entre ellas
    Sevilla, Coru?a, Bilbao y Barcelona van a participar en el con nuevos pacientes"

    Can you comment on this Kim?

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