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What is the D-level ??
D=T level.

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Here's what Wise Young had posted about "Beike".
In 2005, Gerry Allen (C5-C6) had umbilical cord stem cell injections at & below his injury by Beike (China), also with recovery of sensation.

More details in his anecdotal videos.

Who to believe?

As for matching Dr. Vaquero's autogolous bone-derived MSC lumbar injection treatment, there are two places that can do this procedure today:

- Cellmedicine in Panama - this is expensive
- Dr. Kim's clinic in South Korea using Pharmicell products [ discussion ]

It boggles the mind why the major western countries have not adopted Dr. Vaquero's procedure that has shown results. It is within their means to extract MSC cells from bone marrow of a patient and some blood, then to culture the cells, suspend them in the patients plasma, then do a lumbar puncture.