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Thread: For those who understand spanish (Dr. Vaquero)

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    Then, with things moving so quickly, I wonder if this therapy will come on the market earlier than 2020 as was previously predicted...

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    dear Kim,
    I have two questions:
    Is this the Vaquero clinical trial that you are writing about and that is going to start recruiting patients? According to, that trial already started a long time ago and it would include both complete and incomplete injuries. Is it this one and it got delayed, or are we talking about another, new trial that is not yet published in and that is entirely focused on incomplete SCI?
    2. Would you have the link to the results (scientific publication) of the previous trials (phase I and phase II)?
    Thanks a lot for clarifying. Corinne
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    Repeated subarachnoid administrations of autologous mesenchymal stromal cells supported in autologous plasma
    improve quality of life in patients suffering incomplete spinal cord injury
    Published Online: January 06, 2017

    An approach to personalized cell therapy in chronic complete paraplegia: The Puerta de Hierro phase I/II clinical trial
    Published Online: June 13, 2016

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    Dear Grammy can this therapy work in my case as i am having incomplete chronic lumbar injury?

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    Thanks a lot for the links to the publications, Grammy! This is useful!
    Kim, do you know what the next steps are? In the link you shared, they seem to speak about more trials to come?

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    Good stuff!!! Thanks for the articles GRAMMY!

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