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Thread: For those who understand spanish (Dr. Vaquero)

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    It is still a trial.

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    Jesus Vaqueroc replied to my query. Looks like Spanish ppl can get this treatment for free. As this is uses the patients own bone-derived & cultured MSC stem cells, it isn't a foreign substance and so it's questionable if the FDA can even get involved. Why isn't the US doing thus?

    Jesus >> Thank you very much.We have no experience with the laser treatment.Therefore, I can not advise you.As for our treatment, we work in a public hospital.Our treatment is totally free for beneficiaries of the Spanish public health system.The treat is not marketed
    Me>>I am enquiring about your MSC stem cell treatment in Spain and whether it would be helpful to my SCI. Your 2-14 dermatomes recovery (av 6.8) for ASIA-A SCI people is impressive using MSC stem cells inject along the injury site.
    http://www.celltherapyjournal. org/article/S1465-3249%2816% 2930377-2/fulltext#s0050

    Furthermore, would an additional 810nm low level laser treatment (LLLT) tbe useful to heal the associated injury site for MSC stem cell injection?
    Juanita Anders suggests this provides rapid injury site healing in the spinal cord:

    I'd be willing to go to Spain to solve this problem with such technology. Please reply on whether such experimental surgery is available and if so, at what cost.
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    So, is this treatment already being given in Spain to the Spanish patients?

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