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Thread: Today was a Shi--y Day

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    Today was a Shi--y Day

    If Poo and other words , abbreviations , dirrivatives of it could describe how things went today it would be a new Berlin Wall ( Persay ) of cow dung

    Heres the lowdown Today started out great and gradually all heck broke loose

    I got all dressed ready to hit the town looking forward to getting out then Shi- hit the fan

    It's hard because I am very calm even in the craziest circumstances but If my Van had it's rear brake fixed I would have personally taken a good long spin but My Van is down which is super boring .

    Even though a close person got ugly to me I found thing's to occupy my mind and help me deal with undue stress .

    Nasty ppl suck point blank you get them no matter where you reside , it is the human system of life for buttwads toi ruin a good moment ..

    when all heck Broke loose Today I prayed and Relaxed then Realized i wont let anyone or anything get the better of me ...

    About 4 hours after the blow up burst spat or whatever some call a lovers quarrel lol my phone rings and I pick it up and ;
    hear he is sad , depressed and i'll see him in a hour or so lol

    Now I sit my butt in my Recliner Grab my book and start reading , thinking of good things for a project's i am working on and He came home .
    I was boiling homemade chicken soup all day on the fireplace in a big pot that chicken just jumped off the bone , cooking got my mind off the stress ...Umm
    We had nice diner
    I ignored him sort of like nothing happened
    He finally took my right hand
    Looked me in the Eyes and Said hun I am sorry for what I did
    Will you please Forgive me ?
    I sad
    It all worked out in the end but man what a goofy Day to say the least .

    Thanks for letting me vent

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    Hope today is a better day. The soup sounds great!
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Usually my shi--y days come in succession of months or years ... lol.

    Hope today is better. 2012 has been excellent so far for me.
    Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

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    Yea for you, Lynnifer! Boo hiss to your crappy day, Judy.

    Just remember, abuse comes in forms other than physical, Judy. If you ever feel threatened, keep yourself safe. Keep your phone with you at all times and don't be afraid to call 9-1-1 should the need ever arise.

    Stay safe.

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