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Thread: Breast Discharge in nonlactating female!!!Help!

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    Breast Discharge in nonlactating female!!!Help!

    I was having intercourse with my husband and I climaxed. My husband had my breast in his mouth. He said I discharged a metalic tasting substance in his mouth. I have breast feed and stopped 2 years ago. However I am still able to produce a discharge when I squeeze my breast...any thoughts?

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    I agree that you should talk to your OB/GYN, but just so you don't panic too much, I could also squeeze out discharge years ago and a mammogram would do the same with the intense pressure. Nothing was wrong, but it's always good to make sure.

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    I had milk like that between my second and my third child and that was 10 years so it doesn't have to be bad. But better take a mammographia to be sure.
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    Some medications for SCI pain that fall into the antidepressant/ seizure med can cause breast discharge for both men and women. Start by looking at your medications.
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    I'm not on any sci meds-- only tramadol for pain.
    I've never been pregnant and I wasn't on birth control either.
    Last month-- same thing happened to me & my boyfriend.
    I went to my doctor about it-- it started happening right before my last period.
    My doctor told me that there's a small chance it may be related to my sci-- but it's weird that it would start 7 years after.
    I got an ultrasound of my breasts-- normal.
    Now I'm waiting on my blood test results to see if my prolactin levels are elevated-- I may have a pituitary issue. But that meds can fix that.
    Tell your dr. I'll keep you posted about my answer.
    I just started a progestin only bc & the lactating seems to be lessening. It never happened spontaneously.

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    Prolactin levels being off can cause it but, as you say, not spontaneously.
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    Check your thyroid.
    That damn thing is responsible for everything.
    Happened to me, got my meds straight and its better. Its actually one way I can tell its off.
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