I'm so sorry for all your trouble. It sounds like the issue is with the DME, not the chair though. The Q7 is a very nice chair. I have one with the footplate reversed, and have seen other photos on this forum where it had to be done as well. Mine is reveresd due to being unble to maintain tight knee flexion, so I need my feet further in front of my body.

sounds like many measurements were off causing the issues you decribed. I would recommend trying to change DME's, as well as sticking around here and learning how to do the measurements yourself. There are many threads on this. This way you are more informed next time you go in to have the measurements taken, and can dicuss things better with the DME. You also might want to go with tilite like the aero where they send you cad drawing that must be signed off on prior to building the chair. This way you can double check the mesurements and everything is correct. Just make sure tilite knows YOU must sign off on the cad, not the dme.