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Thread: Available chairs for everyday that aren't crap

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    The most durable chair is fully welded, but to go that route you have to know your exact measurements, and those measurements can't change. Fully welded chairs are for well experienced users. So I recommend adjustability, which is available in various chairs from minimal adjustability (many choices) to fully adjustable (many choices) to reconfigurable (only the Icon).

    All chair manufacturers' user manuals open with pages of warnings.

    Some manufacturers liked on CCC include (in no particular order) TiLite, TopEnd(Invacare), Lasher, Oracing, Colours, Icon, . . . And some users even like their Quickies

    My favorite is TiLite. The Icon is brand new on the market; many CCC users are excited about its uniqueness (true configurability) in the industry - designed and managed by two experienced wheelchair users; one an athlete, one a machinist; both frustrated by perceived shortcomings of traditional wheelchair offerings.

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