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Thread: PSA & the prostate -asking the advice of a urologist

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    Question PSA & the prostate -asking the advice of a urologist

    if a 78 years old male has a

    total PSA value of 14.29 ng/mL
    a free PSA value of 9.05 ng/mL
    a complexed PSA value of 10.3 ng/mL

    with normal urine analysis

    he has the symptoms of urgency & nocturia.

    He is already been put on Proscar 5 mg, Solifenacin 5 mg and tamsulosin 0.4 mg for suspecting a BPH.

    what would be the likely diagnosis?

    PS. please note the difficulty of doing more tests due to limited mobility. (No DRE or biopsies have been made)

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    I want a rough opinion from our specialized nurses

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    it will not act as a substitute for personal medical consultation.

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    excuse my idiot question, but the data on the net is so variable and confusing, but can someone provide me with
    1- how a free PSA ratio is calculated (is it as simple as fPSA/tPSA)?
    2- What are the PSA ratio ranges for the normal, BPH and CaP persons?

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    drnader, From past experience of a 40 year old friend with no PSA indicators and my dad at 71 with very little PSA fluctuation both were sent for more tests based on digitals. If those values are in the normal range for his age and race and family history I'd add a second opinion digital before deciding on your next step. As you know I'm not a doc or nurse. Just know our friend needed a full radical and had he not been sent to a school that required a full physical the Army would not have checked him until he was 45 back then. My Dad had an aggressive form caught early due to a very thorough physician and escaped surgery. Best to see the doc again or another one for a second digital and possibly, I know, more tests based on that result. Maybe remind the doctor's office manager that lifters will be required for the patient.
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    He needs to see a urologist ASAP. I am sure his doctor told him that.
    PSA can be elevated by a prostatitis but you said no infection seen on ua and cancer of the prostate needs to be ruled out. He will loook for causes of elevation, repeat PSA, do the rectal exam, see what he feels, and if warranted a biopsy.

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    PSA can be elevated by a Foley, for those who use them. My PSA was 6.4. Biopsy showed nada.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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