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Thread: Freedom Ryder Handcycle

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    Freedom Ryder Handcycle

    Hi guys,
    I was coming back from the National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Wisconsin
    and on the way back the airlines messed my handcycle up. I am getting a new one, but am now selling the other one. It has been to the shop and fixed. The rims were bent, and the sprocket was bent. The rims were trued and the sprocket replaced. So I am looking for a buyer. anyone interested let me know, thanks


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    What about gator damage?

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    your a funny guy! actually 2 of those pics were in shark valley, a 14 mile course down in the everglades. The damage was done in Wisconsin lol.

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    Rodrigo, I don't expect more than $2,000, but will take best offer. It was $3k when new but there are a few scracthes on the front footrest. not much but they are there. everything else is in great shape!

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    Hand cycle

    Definitely interested. Do You still have it? If so please call me at 516 410 9989 tx.

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    Flex that tricep !!
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    Old thread, locking this. You won't catch me getting that close to a gator!!! They can move quick and before you know it your leg is off!!!
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