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Thread: Independent Living Centers - other options if over 59?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liz321 View Post
    It is ironic the agencies put in place give us "help" instead give the hardest time at times...
    The saddest part is that ILCs have boards and staff who are composed of a significant number of people with disabilities. This is us doing it to us.
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    Very sorry to hear about your father's situation.

    It does occur to me reading above posts that your father might fare best by calling and requesting services for himself if he is able to. CIL's are usually about individual empowerment and as a long standing disability rights saying goes, "Nothing about us without us." If he can call it might be good.

    Also, I think it is important to identify, 'What is the disability issue?"

    I have full empathy for your situation and of course your fathers' and I am not defending CILS because there are good and bad ones.

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    Nice idea. But if my father called, they would just reject him over the phone. They simply draw a line at age, which is one of the first questions they ask. He is easily discouraged, and would never push to ask for help if someone told him "no". That's why I fight for him.

    He also doesn't want to see himself as disabled, and would not target any resources in this arena without my encouragement. Actually, what he would say is.... "there are people who need it more then I do...."

    I've long ago learned that the person who first answers the phone... the first appointment.... the first person who gets the file.... the first doctor's recommendations.... the first customer service representative at the insurance company.... so rarely are these encounters a success, or are these people your advocate. You have to usually get past them, ask for specialists or supervisors.... for people who decide they can spend the time with you and who want to work on your problem. I'm so used to that now it doesn't bother me, and I expect it.

    But Liz and 55yrs have got it right.... how sad that the one place that should receive us with open arms ......

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