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Thread: Moderation of the cure forum?

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    Moderation of the cure forum?


    I had wandered why this thread was being un-moderated and now understand completely.

    I tried to ignore the rants and flaming, in the hope that the positive results that were being posted on these threads would begin to calm down those that would like to silence this important discovery and cost free therapy, for whatever reasons only they understand.

    I am very grateful for having been given the space to kickstart this very important study.

    When I asked Dr Young for comments on the initial results from this study, given the predictions that were in place for the results we now observe, I am left wandering what he feels about having my work sensored in this way?

    Does this sensorship mean that people who will continue to improve using the inclined bed are forbidden to post their own results using the free therapy on this forum in the cure section?

    Surely it would have been better to have returned the offending posts to the senders, including my own if there are any? This is what I and many others understand to be the responsibility of a moderatory body.

    Holding a discussion about physics on a cure thread is wrong and could easily have been dealt with on another forum.

    With regards to your action of freezing the threads and sending it to a private forum out of the view of people who need to know that there is a simple method of regaining lost function and sensitivity following spinal cord injury. Do you not think that it would have been far better to have removed any offending posts? Would you therefore consider this option rather than trying to hide it?
    Or perhaps hold a poll to see how many people would like it to stay and how many people would like it removed?

    I await your reply and hope that this message does not get sensored also.

    Respectfully yours

    Andrew K Fletcher

    "Go With The Flow"

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    Andrew, the topics have not been removed. They were simply locked because the discussion was turning into repeated personal attacks. Flaming is strongly discouraged on these forums. People can continue to post their opinions on the subject under new topic headings, as long as they are not flaming each other. Wise.

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    Thank you Wise,and thank you also for making this forum work for everyone. I agree with you about the policy on flaming.

    Would it be possible to remove the posts that are responsible for locking the threads, including any of mine which are considered to be a flame, and re-opening the two threads rather than splitting and spreading the information on other threads?

    Alternatively, would it be possible to have our own forum for this study under a new link with our own moderators who are actually involved with the study?

    We are already showing there is a difference with the way we sleep and sit. In the next few months we will see some more interesting posts from people on this study!


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    The censorers here seem to regard themselves as more worthy than other humans.

    The liberty of speech and opinion seems to have as little reached deeper understanding levels there, as that adults might figure themselves if they wish to click and read or read on in a thread or not.

    Your censorship ideal of flamings falls into the same category for me, as such.

    If someone wishes to insult another, or me, I do not need some sort of baby-sitter there who tries to swing himself over other adults and do dictatorship & censorer politics.

    If the insult is unjustified, it might more speak about the insulter, and maybe be an interesting information about this person.
    If there are justified causes also to this, even if the way it was put might leave to be wished for, the criticism per se can be useful to point out for example errors.

    Or attitudes that are not good.

    I did not follow the primitive censorship politics of this site very far,
    but it seems to me, under "Members" the dictators usually do not pull off their censorer stuff, as for example under "Cure".

    If or how far something can be actually used towards cure,
    seems irrelevant to the censorers.

    In the past I once wrote a post there, to do with if the right and left of a damaged spine segment are alike highly segregated in settings,
    if down-regulations of the stronger side to go adaptive in settings for a while with the weaker side,
    and on and off trying to inprogram a more "middling" there again between the two sides,
    can be used also towards cure purposes?

    I wrote something alike, I assume it takes a good tuner, if this is run from another brain into that brain (as for example with the lowest segment of several damaged, so that the person alone might not get there well enough to run such regulative steerings), and someone who can very calmly tune around.
    (Low energied, calm and precise tunings, as a damaged sector might, simplified, go overload if just tuning for such a damaged one, as if it were one of a human with an undamaged spine.)
    Next some woman removed this post out of Cure, seeming to not have researched at all if such "middlings" with some damaged segments (I assume particularily lesser damaged) can be used to program up on the weaker side of the sector capacities,
    and rambling off some illusionary shite about LSD.

    Alike as if I had said it takes LSD-tunings for this.
    Instead of what I wrote, and that is one with very calm tuning capacities.

    So not even having bothered to understand what is standing there.
    Far less having researched it.

    But straight censoring it out of cure,
    and sticking it elseplace. Along with her illusionary rant.

    THIS is, what this room here is also about.
    A dictatorship of some people, pretending scientificness.

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    Although, if being an opponent of science, it can be amusing how they did not even get some of the mere basics of real scientificness.

    As, that if a question is put, alike can this ... be used for ... ?
    That until (dis)proven, this is an open question.
    No scientificness whatsoever being to censoring out the question, because someone, who has neither disproven nor proven how it is there,
    raises his or her personal belief over scientific methods.

    But confusing his attitudes with being ever so scientific.
    Alike some clowns club. Just not even having alike self-parody capacities.

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    Acid, this is a forum to discuss the progress and views concerning cure of spinal cord injury. Personal attacks are strongly discouraged because it detracts from the goal of the forum to provide information to the community. Also, although a wide range of views are welcome here, they should be relevant to cure. Wise.

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    Andrew I am not a fan of censorship either. I think that editing and removing posts within a thread is a lot closer to censorship than just locking a thread and putting a stop to a discussion that has deteriorated badly.

    Nobody is a babysitter here. People's time is valuable and they shouldn't have to read through pages and pages of irrelevant personal attacks on a cure thread. The integrity of the whole site suffers from this and that is another reason it was locked.

    I appreciate your mature and professional understanding of this.

    thank you

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    We have had flame wars in the past and will most definitely happen again,remember "vgrafen".
    I beleive most readers view them as entertaining at times and not taken seriously.
    I recently went to see a doctor of gastroenterolgy for acid reflux especially at bedtime. He told me to raise the foot of my bed 4 to 6 inches !!!!I'm joining you Andrew !!!!

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    Yo, ACID, you're killing me with your English. I read and read and can't understand what you're saying. I'm like, what? I ain't into censorship and all, I just want clarity. I can see you got a lot to say but man, take some English lessons. No offense, please!!!

    Mike Kiernan, we all ran vgrafen outta here, and I'm lately thinking we was too hard on the boy; whether he was flaming or not, I damn sure loved reading him and his adventures and all. What was said on these pages ain't squat compared to his air-time. Like last night's show and Peterson, he just sat there like a bench, no life, no fire, and nobody called in or had nothing to say. Least with them guys like v and DA, you get passion, good or bad. Passion's the thing that's gonna win the day in the end. I mean, look at this Andrew cat, he comes in with this crazy ass theory and everybody's out adjusting their beds and all then getting all fired up over whether it works or not. I mean that's great, it's the flaming in response to people's desperation that seems important, and makes the best reading. Yeah I know Dr Young we all should be cool and polite and just pass information back and forth, but paralysis don't come easy and it makes you pissed off that it happened to you; me and my friends get so worked up over waiting for the cure, it's damn hard to just sit and wait for them experts to finish their tests and all.

    So like if there's a way to allow people to rant, I'm all for it. Yeah maybe the cure place ain't the place for just rant, but I think its a huge part of the cure, the psychological part, and people ain't machines, people are reading this place like me with a lot of hopes on fire and all.

    So I know I was part of the problem, get all into it with grafen and them guys, but I know that's just as important as the pure information. No more name-calling and crap language, I can hang with that, but man, somehow we gotta let the emotions go where they want to. May be them researhcers will pick up on how desperate everybody is, right? But tell the truth, I learned my lesson and I promise I ain't gonna flame hate at nobody, least here. Cool?

    Live for today, look to tomorrow

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    Mike, petty and irrelevant flame wars have no place in the Cure forum, that's why Vgrafen's thread was eventually locked.

    Mr. Fletcher advocates raising the head of the bed by several inches, not the foot which is what your doctor suggested.

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