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Thread: Rat Healing Raises Hope for Spinal Cure

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    Rat Healing Raises Hope for Spinal Cure

    Rat Healing Raises Hope for Spinal Cure
    By Corinne Amoo

    LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists said on Monday they were closer to finding a cure for people paralyzed by spinal cord damage, following the successful healing of an adult rat.

    Pilot trials for human patients will begin within three years, research team leader Dr Geoffrey Raisman told Reuters.

    "This is ground-breaking evidence because it will help people with spinal cord injury who have previously had no hope of recovery," he said.

    The trials will involve transplanting cells from other areas of the body into the spinal cord so they can provide a bridge over the spinal cord blockage and provide it with a channel to repair itself.

    Currently there is no cure for patients who suffer spinal and brain cord injuries, which depending on the severity of injury, leaves them paralyzed, without control over their bowels, bladder, blood pressure and with no sexual function.

    Scientists healed the injured spinal cord of a rat by growing a bridge of olfactory nerve cells across scar tissue, which acted as a guide so the severed nerve fibres were able to find their way to the right targets in the rat's brain.

    If the human pilot trials are successful, patients will be able to make important movements like reaching for and picking things up. The restoration of other functions like bladder control require further research, Raisman said.

    The pilot trials will involve transplanting cells from the patients' nasal lining into the spinal cord.

    "Until we carry out the tests in humans we do not know if it will work, but the organization of the rat's spinal cord and its control mechanisms that we have looked at are essentially similar to those found in humans," said Raisman.

    The trials will take at least three years to be carried out because the research team needs to be sure that the cells used for repair are present and in the right numbers, he said.

    Details of Raisman's findings are published in the June Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

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    Just read it, didn't say if it would work on us chronics.

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    Based on information from the trials overseas, there's enough evidence indicating that OEG's are effective in chronic injuries. I see no reason why Dr. Raisman's trials would exclude chronics. This is good news.

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    This is a sign of a lack of communication. When he talks about 3 years, does he know what is going on in Portugal, China, and Australia? We need to get in touch with this guy and let him know.

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    This is good news but they are already doing human trials in Australia and other places.

    "You can even ask Beavis, I get nothin Butt-head."

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    Chastev8, I attended Dr.Raisman about the other trials immediately when I heard of them so he knows them for a long time.
    Seneca,you'right he intends to include chronics contusion injuries as well.
    Hellonwheels, he thinks it works in all injuries so chronics as well
    I am only very unpleasantly surprised by the time schedule because last year he said me that he "was thinking of starting within a year".I will ask him what has happened(I haven't had contact with him for a while, I am not so active anymore...)

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    Geoff Raisman is aware of the Brisbane trial - he is working with them (Alan McKay-Sim and Raisman used to work together)

    Geoff Raisman is also collaborating with Kawaguchi

    I was surprised at the time span for human trials to start and the fact that functions like bladder control need further research.

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    When enough hardware is there, that to do spinal longdistancers through the damaged per se is not the problem, I guess with the bladder stuff about the first thought I can think of, is to just try to magically find the correct spine hight where there are off-branches to the bladder.

    I assume if normally tuning around with someone (apart from that I am usually more an opponed for tunings, where belly organs might get disturbed, and therefore usually don't tune around down there), I'd have problems to find the region. But if waiting till needing to go to the loo (not, that that's so good for systems), and instead spending various minutes to try to find it then in both, might make it easier.

    Anyway, I am not that interested in that. I just mean it alike an advice, what might help. As when there is already alike pressure where the bladder is a bit, and a bunch of signals going to onself in this context, it might be considerably easier to find the correct spinal hight in onself.
    To the search around in whomever has a problem with interlinks till there, and trying to figure out if one can find it there, too.

    Also if intentionally focussing on correlated signals there, there might be a higher chance that also for some other systems to do with this, magic translinks are to an extent established.

    A problem that I assume to be there with this, is to do with sort of the where to.

    Even if finding the correct spinal hight down there, and even if trying to focus from there so that it passes the damaged in the spine,
    in the melon it might become rather tricky.

    I have no idea where the bladder control systems are in the head.
    Also not if something is crossing in the brain stem or not with this.

    (And there's quite a number of systems in the brain, where I have never been tuning for them targetly in my lifetime and doubt I could.
    Might be not the measurement of thingies, but simplified, if I got serious problems even on some suited sense enhancer stuff to get an energetic interlink for//with a brain region, or do not manage at all, I somehow doubt there are that many on the planet who just that easily can.)

    Anyway, I don't know if not able to regionally locate and transtune for from where bladder control goes,
    and just trying to get more to land upwards,
    maybe still in the spine of the injured,
    if that per se would do, that systems of the other might figure out the rest alone.

    Maybe if doing such on and off over many months or a few years, might help.

    Maybe also, if someone on Earth decided to become specialized exactly on such and get//have a bunch of years of experiences there.

    (Anyway, not really my problem. I don't want to do with whatever involving tunings in belly organ hight.)

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    If someone bothered to make alike a (maybe Din-A4, so it's not that tiny)
    book which shows (with average humans) from where to where interlinks go
    for what,
    this might help internal orientations.

    Alike if someone got for example them little systems operated in, and should it all go well enough,
    that this person can look for something, ah, goes from here in the brain down the spine to this hight, branches off there, goes then internally to there, ... and interlinks with soandso system there.

    Alike entire pathways, maybe also making one big picture with the whole
    for, for example, bladder or whatever,
    and then several pages following with smaller regions,
    and for inner head stuff maybe even roughly actual life size.

    Maybe also two books,
    where one is more like this,
    and the other is showing more for spinal regions, alike from this hight goes ... and then interlinks branching off from this or that spine hight to wherever, and from where in the head it goes down to there.

    As some might have the injuries deeper down the spine, and not really care that much for all the upper stuff. So then they could just leave through the book, alike down the spine, till where it gets relevant for them.

    I guess could also be alike several books of the second sort, alike one C, one T, one L, one S.

    Then one with problems at L ain't need to bother with a bunch of C and T stuff.

    So maybe alike the first book more interlinks oriented generally, and more for this or that main top (alike arms, breathing, legs, bladder and bowel, etc.),
    and a series that is more to do with C or T or L or S.

    Then someone having the stuff in, and having waited it alike settled and chemically adapted over the next 4 months or so,
    could eventually then take such a book, and figure, O.K., needs to go from here to there. And use this for internal orientation and aiming attempts, to try to find this better.

    Alike better knowing where to aim for.

    (Problem might be, to find a person or several willing to go for the work & financing the print of such books.)

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    Chris2, I was also negatively surprised when I read the article for exactly the same 2 reasons as you mention.I've contacted Geoff and the good news is that he suspects it can restore all functions but it is not yet tested.But the time frame was correct which is a big disappointment to me because he has several times given me much positiver time frames in the past.He said they were working on different type of cells to improve the results and they yet don't know what they will use in the trial.They've also tried the direct transplant of the nasal mucosa like Dr.Lima but it never worked.

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