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Thread: Nerve Block From Anesthesiologist - Side Effects?

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    Nerve Block From Anesthesiologist - Side Effects?

    My guy and I are going to see an anesthesiologist in a couple of weeks for a possible nerve block to alleviate the severe "muscle spasm" type pains he has in his sides. His SCI specialist believes this is pain from the injury site (T-9/T-10) and that this will help. He has had an MRI to rule out any types of tumors or other possible causes of this pain and has been cleared for this procedure. We won't be certain what exactly this entails, the consequences or longevity of relief until the day we see the anesthesiologist. When we were at the SCI specialist office, my first question to him was, "If he has this block, will that eliminate any chance he might have of walking in the future?" to which he replied, "No." We are obviously concerned about this because that is a hefty price to pay for relief, although since it's not me who is in pain, that is not my call.

    Does anyone know anything about this? If anyone has been through this and has any advice or suggestions (even what questions to ask before the injection!) I would be most appreciative. When he told his family about the appointment and what was going to happen, their first reaction was, "Well, I guess you don't plan on walking again." I honestly don't know! The only thing I am sure of is information and education are power. We also have no idea how long this might last and/or if this is just to see if the SCI specialist is correct, that his pain is from the injury site, and that perhaps he has a different solution down the road if this is indeed the case. Again, will we be jeopardizing any chances of walking if we proceed with this? Thanks for any help!

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    Really, nothing? NO ONE has anything that could possibly help this decision?

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    Never had one. Have you researched sites like this?

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    I think you need to do a good deal of research to make an informed decision on this procedure. There is a lot on this site to study and more on the internet. Here are some threads to get you started. Of course there are more to be found on this website.
    Internet article on the DREZ procedure:

    All the best,

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    Nicklib - what made you draw the conclusion that the block would eliminate changes of walking? Did someone tell you that?
    It is hard to imagine that the SCI specialist would recommend something that would eliminate chances of walking.
    What are your beaux's chances of walking? Is he incomplete? Is he walking now?
    Is he using a walker? It is so hard to answer your question over the internet.
    I guess I would find out exactly what is planned. What injection and where is he getting it?

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    Hi... I have had recent nerve blocks but they were to try to alleviate pain from a surgery. Unfortunately, it did not decrease my pain at all. It actually made it worse. I previously had been able to lay down without much difficulty but after the nerve block procedure, and the releasing of scar tissue from the surgery I'm guessing, my pain is now horrible even when I try to lay down.

    There are multiple types of nerve blocks though!! What type of nerve block was suggested??

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    I have had 4 blocks for nerve pain relief keep in mind everyone is different nothing is more true when talking about spinal injuries, I felt minimal relief but some I talked to in the waiting room felt it was a miracle. If they told me today there was a 50% chance it would give me relief I would be all over it being in pain 24-7 is awful..

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    I've had a nerve block as means for surgical anesthetic since I don't respond to local anesthetics.

    Even with the nerve block for surgery I did not lose any function or movement, it only affected the pain receptors. I could feel pressure as they did surgery, but absolutely no pain.

    In horses nerve blocks are used due to injuries in the lower legs. This does not impede any function, and in fact some horses are even still competed at lower levels though this is very controversial. The reason is because with a nerve block, since you cannot feel pain you cannot show pain or know when there has been additional injury. I don't know if the nerve block your partner is getting will be affecting above or below the injury line so I don't know if this would make a difference or not.

    When I had the nerve block, when it was wearing off I was in complete agony. I do not know if this is typical or not, I was at home by the time it was wearing off. It took about 6 hours to completely wear off. Felt like the worst possible pins and needles and burning type pain you feel when a limb "wakes up" from "falling asleep." My nerve block was also different from what you're looking into since it was temporary only lasting 24 hours due to surgery.

    As I understand it, SCI causes both peripheral and central nerve pain. A nerve block will affect peripheral nerve pain. Central pain is not actually coming from the nerves but happens in the brain, like phantom limb pains. A nerve block would not affect this central type of nerve pain.
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    I had a nerve block done for lower pelvic area and i didn't notice any difference in pain Now they want to try one up higher for my gut pain, ill try anything to help with my pain, it cripples me right over

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    If you are talking about an epidural, I have another thread on here wherein I asked about epidurals, and the responses I got convinced me to not try it. You ma want to read that thread before making your decision...

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