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Thread: Quickie Shark seat cover pealing off

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    Quickie Shark seat cover pealing off


    Any Shark owners here experienced this issue?

    The back cover is attached to the frame with scotch tape. the tape which is glued to the frame, was already lifted up when I received the bike .

    Sunrise medical only offer me "Soft Strip 1515 mm at No Charge ".
    I asked for the back cover to be replaced as it is too tight and the tape glue can't hold it to the frame without coming off.

    I was told this is common issue with Sharks and the seat cover. Has anyone else had this problem?

    In the picture you can see the left side of the seat cover, completely separated from the frame.

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    It's a Quickie, what more can you say. Their customer service is the pits. I would pull it back on and secure it with a screws in the back frame or using a rubber cord or zip ties to secure it better.

    Sorry to hear Quickie still doesn't care about the quality of their product. When Marilyn still owned the company, it was a fantastic corp. Not anymore.

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    okay. but is this a known issue with the Sharks?

    Also, I bought the handcycle through an online store (*well known) in the US and had it sent to Israel. The store offered me, to have the back cover and soft strips replaced. but they want me to pay first for the parts and only when Sunrise credit them under warranty, they would credit me. does this make any sense?

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