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Thread: Reporting Spam-Waiting Period

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    Reporting Spam-Waiting Period

    I try to report spam posts especially when I see them tacked onto the end of a thread that has not had recent activity. Usually when this kind of spam appears, the spammer is just running through a forum and adding the spam posts to many threads. If you try to report these spam attacks you need to wait 1 minute in between your reports. These spammers can add their spam messages to a dozen or more threads and as someone who wants to report the spam, it is indeed inconvenient and time consuming to wait 1 minute between reports. It is ironic that spammers can post their junk in rapid succession, and a member has this restriction placed on reporting the spam.

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    You only have to report one spam message from each spammer.
    When we get a report, the link takes us to the post and we click on the spammer's username and choose "find all posts by this user". We can then delete all their spam messages at once, and ban them.

    This will make it much easier for you.

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