I'll be accompanying my brother, a C3-C5 quad, to Panama City, Panama, for stem cell treatment at the Stem Cell Institute there. We'll be in Panama from Feb 4 - March 11. I know this is a subject a lot of you are interested in, and can be a difficult one to find good information on, so I invite any of you to follow along on his blog to learn more about the treatment and his results - http://danielleonard.weebly.com/ (most blog entries so far are about our fundraising efforts, but I'll start updating it with descriptions of the treatment as soon as we get to Panama). I'm also happy to answer any questions anyone has about how we chose Panama, fundraising, the travel experience, etc. - just email me at rahilka @ yahoo.com.

Feel free to comment here in this forum, obviously, but please - if you don't agree with our decision to try this, go ahead and say so, but please keep the hating to a minimum. We realize it's experimental, and we want to try it anyway. I promise to be as unbiased as possible in my reporting of his results, to try to help anyone else who's considering doing this.