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Thread: Stem Cell Institute in Panama

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    Rahilka, are you excited about what your brother will be doing in Panama ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rahilka View Post
    @Jim (and others) - we had his ASIA scores taken by his physical therapist a week or two ago - I plan to post them to his blog as soon as I get a copy for myself. And we definitely plan to get him retested periodically when we get back. Our sister is actually in her final year of a doctorate program for physical therapy right now, and she's going to write a paper about his results, so we're definitely trying to be as scientific and unbiased as possible in measuring his results.
    Excellent Rahilka!

    intheknowstemcells, you claim to know what they are doing there and expect us to believe what you say as fact. Are you affiliated with The Stem Cell in Panama? If not, how do you know so much about them?

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    @Colin - I'm excited and apprehensive and everything in between. But, yes - he wants very much to try this, and as his sister, I want it for him - so I am excited that we're making it happen.

    Also, I have a lot of scientific curiosity, and there is such a wide range of opinions out there about this type of treatment -I am excited to finally get in there and find out for ourselves whether it's all hype, or whether there's something there. Even if he gets no benefits from it in the long run, I won't regret doing it - I'll just chalk it up as a very expensive, but still worthwhile, learning experience. And as I think I may have said before - he'll have a month of intense physical therapy there, he'll have a month of living semi-independently again, he'll be on a plane and out of the country for the first time since his injury, he'll have increased motivation from this for months - that's all worth something, and I'm excited that this opportunity comes with all those other experiences for him.

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    Cant help but to think of the jpg( that was posted today.

    Lots of heart felt testimonials.

    Claims of being able to treat almost every major disease,
    " multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, cerebral palsy and autism. To-date, we’ve treated over 1,000 patients."

    Procedure so easily done.

    BUT, nothing scientific to back up there claims. No DATA of any type, testimonials aren't enough!
    "I'm manic as hell-
    But I'm goin' strong-
    Left my meds on the sink again-
    My head will be racing by lunchtime"

    <----Scott Weiland---->

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    @Rahilka - Good luck to your brother and family. I look forward to reading the updates and hopefully positive results, because I believe if history is anything to go by then we are still 10-20 years away from seeing a 'legitimate' (FDA approved) first stage treatment. Of course this is only my opinion.

    Good Luck I wish you all the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    Excellent Rahilka!

    intheknowstemcells, you claim to know what they are doing there and expect us to believe what you say as fact. Are you affiliated with The Stem Cell in Panama? If not, how do you know so much about them?
    Ummm.... I copied and pasted something from their web site. That's why I included the link so you could check for yourself like I did. I suppose you can believe what's on the site or not. I find it amusing that everyone is ok with accepting what Wise Young says as fact without checking anything like I did.

    See for yourself:

    And just for the record, I don't recall claiming to know anything about what they are doing in Panama. I made a post about that 60 minutes story being a biased hack job (which it is) and gave evidence as to why that is the case. Then I pointed out that Wise Young's statement about what he found on a web site doesn't match what is actually on that site.

    Am I missing something?

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    If you have too much money and don't mind wasting it, these offshore stem cell companies certainly will help you do it with false hope and promises.

    But, thinking 60 Minutes would sell out to a big drug company really is a bit far fetched. 60 Minutes would rather nail a big drug company than 10 pedophile ex-doctors.

    If you don't believe 60 Minutes, check out . I don't think anyone could buy off Stanford without raising a bit of a stink.

    Every scam needs someone in need, someone with a good story, and a shill. I think we have all three here.

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    FYI, I have posted Daniel's pre-treatment ASIA scores to his blog. As promised, we will eventually post post-treatment ASIA scores, as well.

    We are on day 3 in Panama. I will post my impressions to the blog soon, but so far everyone is friendly and professional, all of the facilities are super clean, our apartment is fantastic, and the weather is beautiful. The main disappointment so far is the state of the sidewalks here - most of them don't have ramps to get on to the sidewalk, making it near impossible for an electric wheelchair user to go anywhere.

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    I truly hope that your brother gets positive results from this treatment, however I think he will probably benefit more from PT than anything else. Looking at his ASIA scores I imagine he has great room for improvement just from therapy. When you come back to the US try to get him to one of the model SCI centers that have the most advanced equipment and knowledgeable professionals to get get his full potential. I only the Shepherd Center but I know there are several just as good. I've seen such great recoveries there. My husband's injury is complete and he hasn't regained anything below certain level, but he's seen great improvement in his core and the control of his body.
    Keep us posted. I wish you the best.

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    I agree. Shepherd is a fantastic place for recovery ! I'm actually going back later this month.

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