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Thread: Tires: Solid vs Air

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    Tires: Solid vs Air

    Sorry, I am too lazy to read that massive thread on tires. Can anyone comment whether they like solid vs air? I was thinking of trying out a solid tire but I'm concerned as to how much of a pain in the ass they are to put on. Do they compare to a 100psi tire?


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    I went with solid tires after a couple of flats. I've never changed my own.

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    I been using solids for over 12 years and can't see myself going back to air tires again. I have to go out in our shop at work sometimes and there is metal shavings everywhere, so solids are a must. I usually change out to new solids about every 2 years but this last set I got about 3 years out of them. I've worn them slick before but never exposed the inner part of a tire. They can be a pain to put on by yourself but I usually get someone to help and have both wheels done in less than 30 minutes. I like the fact that I can roll across almost anything without having to worry about popping or puncturing a tire and being stuck with a flat.
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    the reasons above are good ones, but if you don't currently get alot of flats than I'd recommend against solids.

    I find the people I know who get alot of flats are the ones who don't maintain optimal pressure in their tires. If it is a pain in the ass to do or just isn't high on your priority list to do tire pressure weekly than you are likely running at 85-100 psi anyway so you won't notice much difference if you change to solids.

    In my case I started my SCI life with solids because of my limited hand function due to a cervical injury. I thought the maintenance and up-keep of pneumatics wouldn't be something I would be capable of. The day I changed to a 145-psi high-pressure pneumatic tire changed my wheeling life - pushing was night-and-day different because of the high rolling resistance of solids.
    You will hear/read otherwise, but I found I had to push two-thirds less using a high-pressure tire compared to the Shox 110psi version. At the time I was 9 months post-SCI and pushing 2-3km a day outdoors, and my shoulders really appreciated the boost. This year I got to the point where I was routinely doing 5-8km runs, sometimes 13km on a good day. Keep in mind I am a full-tilt personality so 95% I'm pushing like I want to maim someone.

    Can't imagine going back. Keep in mind I am a tire pressure nazi, usually doing them twice a week in conjunction with my rugby chair. I've only had one flat in 2 years time using thin Schwalbe SpeedRun's in a city full of sanded/gravelly (leftover from winters) sidewalks littered with broken glass.

    This is only my personal experience.

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    Tooley nailed it on the high pressure tires. They are a game changer. I'm a C7 with limited hand function as well and these tires are just in a whole new class. I did 22 years on the 65-100 psi tires and just upgraded a year ago to the 145 psis and wow.

    Don't underestimate these new high pressure tires.

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    I use solids now, I posted a tutorial about how to mount them so that just about anyone can do it. Requires the special tool Sportaid sells.
    I was getting flats all the time, in the most inconvenient places... flatting on family walks a mile from home is no fun for anyone. Getting a pressure sore from sitting on the ground while you fixed that flat is even MORE fun! Sure, solids are slower, but for me the trade-off is worth it. I just think of it as more daily exercise.

    How does everyone get their tires pumped up to 145 PSI? Air compressors?
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    I've always used air tires, the regular 70psi type, they provide less bumps, etc
    i usually only keep about 40psi in them
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    Quote Originally Posted by dr.zapp View Post
    How does everyone get their tires pumped up to 145 PSI? Air compressors?

    this guy sits on the lower rung of an end-table at the end of my couch, along with a spare tube and tire tools. Pumps to 150 psi no broplem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brucec View Post
    i usually only keep about 40psi in them
    Really? I can 'feel' when I'm down to 45ish because the chair becomes so sluggish ... I go with 75's but usually pump them to 80. I've had two blow-outs though due to air contraction from cool air conditioning to outdoor heat.

    In winter I simply have to grin and bear air castors because they run over frozen ruts of snow/ice so much better ... but I love my solid castors for manouvreability and traction in the summer .. even though you feel every bump in the pavement. Wouldn't with air .. such a trade-off with chairs .. nothing is ever perfect!

    What I'd really like to try is nitrogen in the front/back in winter and see if that lessens the @2 weeks I have to check my tires because of its stability in temperature changes. Anyone used nitrogen?

    I use a portable air compressor at home and carry extra tubes in my car's glove compartment and one in my purse if I happen to be travelling (like that happens anymore!) Also have a portable air compressor that attaches to my lighter for the car .. but I haven't been able to locate it since my ex left.
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