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Thread: Autonomic dysreflexia after eating and drinking

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    Autonomic dysreflexia after eating and drinking

    For the past week my stomach or bowels have been feeling slightly upset (very slight) after eating and drinking everything. I get dysreflexic literally 10 minutes or so after drinking or eating, legs start to spasm, I can hear my stomach audibly rumble, and earlier in the week I had 2 involuntary BM's. I've been eating less to avoid involuntaries, but still feel ill after a little food or drink. Never felt this way before and for past 3 years had a successful regimented bowel program.

    Could I be developing gastroparesis? How should I diagnose? What can I do to treat? Any dietary suggestions?

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    AD after eating is nearly always associated with gall bladder problems. Hava you spoken to your physician? Had an ultrasound or CT of your gall bladder lately?

    People with SCI are much more at risk for gall stones and other gall bladder complications. It would be unusual to develop more severe gastroparesis long after injury, and vomiting would be much more likely with this than loose stools (which can occur with gall bladder problems in some).


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    Thanks KLD, I haven't spoken to my physician, nor had an ultrasound or CT of gall bladder ever. I'll schedule an appointment. I just had 2 bites of bread and in no less than 2 minutes I can hear my stomach gurgle. Should I be uber concerned? As in taking myself to ER?

    Is there anything I can do to alleviate symptoms until I get in to see doc?

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    No need to go to the ER unless you develop fever, or severe nausea or vomiting. Watch for right shoulder pain, which is a commonly referred pain from an inflammed or blocked gall bladder. Call your physician and see them as soon as you can, and try to get an ultrasound done.


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    Latest developments: My nausea, gurgling, and dysreflexia have subsided after my meals and i haven't had any involuntary BM's, definitely feeling WAY better. One concern though is I've noticed blood in my stool the past 3 bowel programs. Could this still be a gallbladder symptom? Maybe an ulcer? Hemmoroids? Or maybe just too aggressive digital stimulation during program? Haven't seen a doc yet, but hope to sometime next week. Its taking a bit longer than anticipated because I'm kind of in transition (moved to new city) and need to find a new doctor, etc..

    Insight? Thank you!

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    I doubt that the blood is a gall bladder symptom. Not one of the common ones. It is more likely that it is a hemorrhoid or over aggressive dig stim.

    I would still encourage you to see a doctor and get an ultrasound. Gall bladder problems can subside and then come back. Your symptoms were more classic gall bladder than anything else.

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    Thanks, I'll get it checked out!

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    Let us know how you make out.

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    Still waiting to get Doc appt. What if my stool is slightly orange and has a sandy texture?

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    If you are just involved in moving homes, and especially moving cities, maybe the stress of many changes at once had something to do with it. When the flight or fight response kicks in, as with a stressful situation, digestion is sacrificed over survival. Digestive upset could certainly result.

    That said, get that gallbladder checked. I'd never thought of dysreflexia after eating indicating gallbladder, so that is a good tip KLD.

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