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Thread: Dr. Young - Dr. McDonald

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    DA, noise to whom? Hopefully someone that matters and who you trust and respect. A passive sissy? Look in the mirror.

    Schmeky, If you re-read my post a couple of days ago I said that I respected him. I don't think he's capable of the same since he's been posting on Care/Cure for 2 plus yrs with the same bitchy, whiny attitude. It does nothing for progress.

    Foster, when did I mention or even indicate all sci docs? I was talking/defending Dr. Young and Dr. Rainey directly. I agree that 95 percent of sci docs are generally behind the knowledge curve but obviously there are a select few who are clearly and definitively knowledgeable and leading us.

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    their you go again phebus with your sissyness style. we should be good little quads and keep our mouth shut. but i won't. i have a question

    we are 1 month away from 2 years since oeg started trials outside the usa. 2 looooooooooong years. how come mighty high tech usa cant do the trials after 2 looooong years? where is all the high tech?

    OMG, i questioned the establishment. i should be jailed. i should be flogged. i should be broken on the rack. i am swine. i am wretch. i dont deserve to live among the cilivilized. right phebus?

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    DA, neither Phebus nor most of the Cure Forum posters have ever advocated silence or apathy, you know that.

    You also know that the SCI research community has historically lacked funding and support which has only recently begun to change. Good things are happening, progress is being made.

    Of course you shouldn't be flogged for questioning the establishment but perhaps your chagrin could be put to better use.

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    DA - Chris Lewis - name calling is childish. Noone here is a passive sissy.

    OEG trials have not been FDA approved here in the U.S. However, I'm sure that with your persuasive charm you should have no problem convincing them.

    Noone has ever said to be quiet and a 'good little quad'. Where do you conjur up this crap?

    I think you're foolish. All this energy and you waste it pointing fingers. Whatever happened to taking responsibility for your own cause?

    Enjoy your time in 'its someone else's' problem land. You'll be sitting and waiting a lot longer than you already have.

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    As usual, I agree with Da.
    We have to keep the pressure on and not become good little folowers. Remember, noisy wheels get the grease.

    Why don't you guys write an email to Senator Judd in New Hampshire and ask him to support Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act.

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    you phebus. you are telling me to be quiet and be good little quad. researchers are moving too slow. maybe they think its fast enough but so does granny doing 35 mph in 70 mph zone. so as long as their is no cure, i will be behind granny(researchers) HONKING as loud as i can.

    i posted 50 million therapies used before fda approved. btw, ask dr young if fda approval is needed for this type of transplant...go ahead.

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    I never have said 'be quiet'. I'm beginning to think you're delusional DA?

    Again, what kind of pressure are you, and Billm putting to whom? and how? Legislative? Funding?

    DA, if there is no audience then noone is listening. Without legislation or finance you have no clout. So besides screaming your dismay, anger, mistrust and frustration here and at me tell it to those who can make a difference in helping us.

    You're wasting your energy because your efforts are misguided.

    ...and come to think of it I'm wasting mine on yours.

    If you honk your horn on a road with no traffic does anyone hear you?'re on the wrong road DA, take a detour to the direct route.

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    I don't know if any of this has been posted yet, but Biomark in Atlanta ( a british company) is offering umbilical cord stem cel treatment for various conditions including strokes.

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    Thanks Faye.

    The following is from Biomark's website:

    3) Cord Blood Stem Cell Applications:
    BioMark conducts ongoing laboratory study regarding the regenerative capacity of stem cells derived from cord blood. Studies have proven these cells to be as versitile and frequently as powerful as embryonic stem cells.
    Targetted areas of research include: cancer/low immune function, neuro-degneration (MS, ALS, MD, stroke), auto-immune conditions, and diabetes/pancreatic disease.

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    Faye, thanks for the Biomark info.

    Seneca, thank you for the link.

    Wish they were working on SCI, but they aren't. Shucks!!

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