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Thread: Home wheelchair accessible bathroom - video

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    Home wheelchair accessible bathroom - video

    The video isn't in English, not sure what the language is but I think the bathroom is great. Some interesting adaptations.

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    I don't transfer that gracefully ( I kinda fall into mine! and use it to push off of..) lol and would seriously be concerned about wall mounted toilet and shower chair over toilet takes a beating getting in and out..and that wall mount would have to be some serious..bolt in construction! )
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    That's exactly what I was thinking - how strong is that wall mount? That is not something you want crashing down. I thought everything else was great though the size of the room was crazy. You'd have to build your own home to have something that size.

    On a silly note I did notice that the woman had no cushion and that either her wheels or tires are on backwards.

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    cool bathroom somewhat, but i don't think she's a fulltime wheelchair user, just a model, looks like she's got pretty good muscle tone in them legs.......and yeah, no cushion? what's up with that, didn't notice the tires on backwards, thats funny........i'll have to check it out..........

    what's backwards about her wheels? i don't see anything backwards........oh, her tires?
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    Thats pretty cool, i would just get rid of the bed-side table (would be a pain for a quad), put extra bench space around the back of the sink, and make sure the pipe under it is well insulated.
    Also maybe make the sink a bit higher so my shower chair could fit under as well..
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