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Thread: SP Constant Clogging with proteus mirabilis

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    Quote Originally Posted by thehipcrip View Post
    There's at least part of the problem -- your doctor is treating you as though you're an AB, not someone with a neurogenic bladder. For those of us with SCI/D, every symptomatic UTI should be treated as ''complex'', which means 10-14 days of antibiotics rather than the 5-7 day course of treatment recommended for ''simple'' UTIs.

    Do yourself a favor and download this booklet about bladder management and give it to your doctor.
    Thanks. I will print it out. I'm a lil afraid I might insult him but at this point who cares. I might actually get a second opinion. I need to do something because everything I'm doing isn't working. I've changed about 5 catheters since my last post. This is completely discouraging. I feel like I'm at the end of my rope. I've read so much and the more I read the more hopeless it seems. According to the studies I've read proteus mirabilis is near impossible to get rid of.

    Although there is some promise of fighting it off by filling the catheter balloon with triclosan but I'm still not sure of how many studies there has been. Drinking alot of water and lemon/lime drinks(which I do) is supposed to slow growth a little bit. I've started my own test by using 100% silicone catheters and filling the balloon with diluted vinegar since the encrustations can only grow in a ph 7 or greater but we'll see..

    Also, I tried the silver cath but it only lasted two days then clogged like the rest of them(what a waste of $15) and I haven't ordered the vetericyn but I will very soon.

    Heres some more good reading on proteus mirabilis.

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