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    cath odor

    I've had an indwelling urinary cath (not suprapubic) for 7 years and have begun to notice a very unpleasant odor around my drainage bag. I live in a facility where cleaning bags isn't done effectively. Don't have a symptomatic UTI (consume 4 liters of water daily, so always wear a bedside bag) and don't want to use increasingly ineffective antibiotics. How can I eliminate or minimize odors thru non-drug means: diet, exercise, adding something to bag (how?), placing deodorizing substance in bag cover ... what works?

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    How often is your bag being replaced?

    I assume you are keeping a closed system and not using a leg bag too, so cleaning would not be the norm in an institutional setting. You should ask to have the bag changed when you start to notice an odor. At least monthly, but some facilities will change them weekly.

    Some people have put chemicals into the bag to help with this...mouth wash has been used, as has hydrogen peroxide and small amounts of bleach. These can be introduced with an irrigation syringe through the drainage port. If you do this, be sure that you bag has an effective and quality anti-reflux valve to prevent the chemicals from draining back to your bladder if the bag is raise.


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    Thanks for answering, KLD. The bag is changed every 5 days now, and a bit of odor can sometimes be noticeable almost immediately after the change (have placed an Odoreater powder-filled sock in the bag cover). Injecting mouthwash into the bag makes a lot of sense .. but what to do about the scum building up in the tube? Maybe more vitamin C?
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    I rinse, then wash with bleach every day, shaking the bag well to be sure all the residue is washed out, after I have removed it from my foley. I will temperarily use an elastic to pinch off my catheter, but and this is a big but, work fast so your foley is stopped for the shortest time possable. Oh, yes, DO NOT FORGET TO REMOVE THE ELASTIC!!!(please, the understand my caps are not ment for rudeness, but emphisis), otherwise you will be endangering your bladder and kidney health. I find if I put bleach in the tube while I am cleaning it and shake the tube with your finger blocking the end, this helps clean the tube, but the shaking has to be vigerous to work. I then reattach it to my foley. I find this works,,but must be done every day. Also if you are finding your urine to stinky, you might be coming down with a UTI, and you may need antibiotics. Good luck and I hope this helps resolve your odor problem.
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    Thanks for your help ... believe me, all ideas are welcome!

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    Pretty much all of mine have been taken. Let us know if something works or doesn't - it helps to spread the knoweldge.

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