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Thread: 901 hand controls.

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    901 hand controls.

    I finally found the hand controls that most car rental companies use. It is the 901 system and apparently it is very flexible as it requires no drilling on the car and installs in 30 minutes, thus it is supposed to be quite interchangeable if need be. Not a portable, but a fixed hand controls that is relatively easy to install. They are 600 bucks including shipping.

    Does anyone have experience with these?
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    Those are very much like the controls I have which are less money. The problem with both these controls is they are not as comfortable using for long drives as say a control like a Suregrip. The reason is you are constantly pulling them for the throttle. It's best to use cruise control on the highway with these controls. They are great for a quick install though especially when renting cars, mine (the PHC) I can install in about 2 minutes, the Auto mobilities would take at least 20 minutes to 1/2 hour to install, so you really would not want to be taking them in and out of cars as frequently.
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    Thanks Curt. Yes, but these are much better. I own the PHC´s too, but those are portable, install as you say in a few minutes and do not allow for AB´s to drive the vehicle. I lost the steering strap a long time ago, but I use them for rentals and emergencies and they have a flimsier feel. The PHC portables are very useful, but these are more like permanent installs.

    The 901´s bolt on to the pedal stem or side, allowing for AB´s to use the car. I will put them on my wife´s car, so she has to be able to drive comfortably, like a suregrip. I drove with the 901´s on a rental from Miami to Washington a little over a year ago and it did not bother me. My wife was with me but she did not drive the car, so I don´t know how comfortable these are for constant AB use.

    I don´t have access to professional installation anywhere near me, so these seem like a good choice. But it would be comforting to hear from someone that has installed them long term, see if they require more maintenance and if they stay on tight forever like the suregrips.
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    BTW, one of my concerns is that these (901s) do not seem to be very popular. It makes me wonder why. They do not seem to be readily available. Doing a search on these, not much comes up in CC.
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    Do you have a close up of the bike system you show?
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    These people that make the 901´s don´t appear to be in business any longer. Too bad, no other product in the market quite like those hand controls. If anyone hears anything different please post.
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    Automobility 901 Hand Control Systems

    Hi, it has been brought to my attention from one of our customers that this post was here. I would like to clarify that we are definitely in business and have been for 25 years now. We are a family owned and operated business and take care of each and every one of our customers.

    Our 901 Hand Control Systems meet and exceed all safety standards, they are a push/pull system and are shipped worldwide daily. The car rental industry uses our hand control systems as they are easily installed, although it can take up to an hour for an installation there is absolutely no vehicle modifications and meet and exceed all safety standards therefore are considered a permenant hand control with portable capabilities.

    I notice someone says they are not a popular hand control, actually they truly are as they are utilized worldwide by the car rental industry as well as dealers and endusers . They are certainly readily available and will ship anywhere worldwide usually by 13:30 am the day following the order.
    Also AB drivers are able to drive the vehicle with the hand controls in it as they are attached to the existing rod in the vehicle not the pedals.

    We take pride in our 901 Hand Control Systems and so do our customers. I would love to hear from you if you have any questions at all.

    Call me at 800-470-7067

    Thanks so much, Shontell

    PS I would never come on to a forum and "try to sell you our controls" it was just brought to my attention by a customer and I wanted to let you all know we are definitely in business and plan on being so for many many more years to come and I would love to answer any questions you may have!
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    Thumbs up phc vs 901 port h/c

    IMO, Both have their positives, The phc are easy to install on almost any vehicle. The cruise control is a must for lengthy drives

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    These are the same hand controls they had in a dodge charger rental I was in a month ago. Crappy product. Everytime I turn the steering, the wiper lever would hit the hand controls. It was so unsafe to operate. The brake didn't work properly. I had to push once then push again to brake. I wouldn't recommand this product. My z4 portable is way better in term of design and materials.
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    for me one word comes to mind scary.

    Iv'e seen installations bolted in with metal brackets by mobility dealers i thought were scary

    Iv'e seen even more portable hand controls held in by straps and held together with cotter pins and can't believe anyone would drive with them.

    I've heard stuff like they only fall off every now and then

    The cotter pins usually last a year or so before they fall apart.

    It was no big deal when the brake rod fell of i reached down and pushed the brake with my hand.

    i wish these came with a transponder that would alert me when theres a set in a motor vehicle near me.

    because its not safe to be near them.

    why do suppose it is there isn't one car made with gas and brake pedals that are held in place with cloth straps and cotter pins?
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