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Thread: Nasal Mucosa Spinal Transplant in Lisbon: The Portugese Costs

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    Nasal Mucosa Spinal Transplant in Lisbon: The Portugese Costs

    I've been concerned by several posts I've seen that repeat inaccurate information concerning the nasal mucosa spinal transplantation for chronic SCI that's taking place at the Hospital Egas Moniz in Lisbon. I'm sure the collaborative nature of this project (as far as its international aspects) makes misunderstandings too easy to occur. Therefore, the following presents the actual costs of this procedure as far as the hospital stay, surgical costs, and Dr. Lima's medical care are concerned. In my opinion the numbers speak for themselves. The costs of American rehabilitation is another matter entirely and beyond Dr. Lima's control.

    Hospital Costs: $15,000
    Surgical Costs: $15,000
    Dr. Lima's medical fee: $3,000

    Total: $33,000

    Best regards:

    James Kelly

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    Well now that sounds reasonable, if it works.

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    James, welcome back. Are you considering having this treatment?


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    That is chump change, making me question what in the name of god does this doctor intend to do?

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    Jim, thanks for the info. Wise.

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    .... If only it would be successful.... In this case we would pay anything they want and we could afford.


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    Can this method be applicable at any location of the injury? The Hungarian 7 year old boy I heard about broke his spinal cord between brain and C1.
    However his spinal cord was broken, his brain is intact and his consciousness is full.

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    Even if these cells regenerate, the axons must also be guided to make the previous connections. How Lima guides the axons? If he does not guide them, what is the guarantee that any improvement will happen? what is the scientific base of it?

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    Ask the MAESTRO

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    For the European Union the total amount is Euro 25.000,00. But the problem is rehabilitation costs. For Italy we have to pay Euro 1.500,00 for week. Dr.Lima told me that time for rehabilitation I need is 6 months before and 6 months after surgery to have the best improvements. To my knowledge he works only with private centre for rehabilitation and for me this is the real trouble. Question for dr. Young:?
    i'm doing 2 hours fisiotherapy at day using electrostymulator, electrical cycle, leg mobilitation and my spasticity is very hard (i don't take any medicines). In Dr.Lima's opinion this is not enough, he told me that i need an active and strong rehabilitation especially for legs but i don't know what does it mean active fisiotherapy as I'am D4 ASIA A COMPLETE?!!! Thanks for the answer and good work dr. Young.

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