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Thread: Are there any healthy real Mexican dishes?/

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    That is so true, my parents owned a restuarant in Texas. They authentic mexican and seafood but customers would always want that cheese and sour cream added to the plates. Chicken enchiladas topped with salas verde is a good dish, fish ceviche, quiso de res ( beef stew) fish fillet sauteed with vegtables.

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    fajitas [sauteed veggies + chicken/shrimp/beef]
    posole [pork & hominy stew]
    green chile chicken stew
    calabacitas [sauteed squash + corn + onions + garlic + bell peppers]
    nopales [cactus dish]
    carne adovada [slow cooked chunks of pork in a very hot red chile sauce]
    fried whole talpia
    pico de gallo [geen tomatoe/tomatillo salsa]

    I love pouring salsa over egg dishes and small salads

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