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Thread: Moving to Arizona - what programs are there?

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    Moving to Arizona - what programs are there?

    I live in California and have IHSS that pays for my caregivers. I am moving to Arizona and am looking for a similar program. I found ALTCS - does anyone know about this program? I want to stay in my own home and hire someone for ADLs and I think ALTCS is the program that does this? Are there any other programs in AZ that anyone knows of?

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    Jat, The first call I would make is ABIL > Arizona Bridge to independent Living. They offer all the services you would need. I used to work there over 13 years ago, they have really grown, they have a great informationa and referall. It's definitely the place to contact for all services persons with disablities, they can answer and assist you with everything you need. Good Luck

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    IF you were qualified for ALTHCS, there is a provision for personal attendant care. You will have to live in-state but outside of a care facility for 90 days before you can qualify for ALTHCS.

    I urge you to carefully consider your move. ALTHCS has been closed to "childless adults" as a cost-cutting measure. Many people who were on the AHCCCS/ALTHCS program have been dis-enrolled.

    ABIL is the place I would start. Also try the Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Assoc

    The really good news, is your realtor will be able to search for modified homes based on the changes made to the Metro MLS service. If you need help with that, let me know.
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    AZ is the last place I'd move, if I needed state help with health or personal care. The AZ legislature is dominated by tea party type Republicans who have been gutting all programs in these areas. I love AZ, lived there for 33 years and plan to return when the wife retires, but it has become very backward in treatment of the poor and disabled. Only reason I will return is private insurance and no need for attendant care.

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    Ok, so it appears Arizona has froze most of their assistance programs due to budget issues. The ALTHCS is froze, although I do have a child but significant other who is disabled also does not. Also, childcare assistance program is froze as is low income health insurance for kids. Wow. Reconsidering my move there. I really want to get out of CA. Anyone know of other states (in a warm climate) are are assistance friendly to disabled people?

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    Not warm climates but VT, NH, and Ma all have very good programs for disabled and for kids. Sorry not much help if you want warm all year round.

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