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Thread: How do you know when to admit defeat??

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    It's true there is nothing to take it away but find a combination to lessen it so you can focus.

    I think that is what Becky struggles with too.
    That is exactly right DD. I am just trying to find something that will help me get through each day and not have it be such a fight. I am not expecting a miracle or anything. Just something to get me to the point where I don't want to push myself into the river.

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    So hey each doc you've seen just said that creud line 'deal w/ it' and wouldnt prescribe anything? Smokin werks wonders for spasms and in oil form is more body oriented instead of cerebral yet still the iintense blasted burning pain is a tough one to treat. I'm just now in this state. After a semi smooth plateau of managable pain thru prscrips all of a sudden my system crashed and feel this now... Urrgghhuuaahh just want to krawl out of the skin. Just seen doc 2day, strangely ultram is a semi opiate synthesized drug so even a percocet or something strong like that wont help. had to request morphine, claimed just for emergencys yet like u Beck its seeming like it plans on stikkin around cause after two weeks it only subsided for like 1 to 2 i'm in yer shoes here now too.. ???? eeekk woww shhezzuss i also got the river in me head also..
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